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 CLEVELAND, Aug. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite reports of his demise, Superman(TM) lives on a new line of American Greetings products for birthdays and holidays. The "Man of Steel(TM)" stars on a complete product line of American Greetings gift wrap and bags, birthday cards, Christmas cards, children's boxed Valentines, party goods, stickers, activity posters, and more.
 "Superman is the world's best known and loved super hero, and is among the top selling characters for boys, with a 99 percent awareness rate," said Maynard Newman, American Greetings product manager. "Since the kids love him, and Mom and Dad are fans too, we expect Superman to be very popular on our cards, wrap and party goods."
 American Greetings' Superman products are in bright primary colors that kids love. They are enhanced with special metallic finishings to depict the "Man of Steel" on stickers and gift wrap, as well as fun activities on greeting cards and a coloring poster. One of the cards carries a birthday message from Superman in secret code that can only be deciphered with special decoder Superman "X-ray vision" glasses that come with the card. Another card features Superman trivia questions, like "Where is Superman's Fortress of Solitude(TM)?" (Call Sara Eames of American Greetings for the answer.)
 Superman has been a part of American culture for more than 50 years and has become a classic character. Since his first comic in 1938, he has been consistently popular in comic books. By 1941, the Superman comic strip was appearing in approximately 230 newspapers, reaching an audience of 25 million. Radio programs, novels and movies began in the '40s. With the advent of television, came the first of many television series, "The Adventures of Superman," starring George Reeves, which has been on the air constantly since 1954. ABC will premier a new television series this fall called "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman." Many of today's kids associate Superman with the four movies from the '80s starring Christopher Reeve. Their continued popularity ensures their frequent appearance on network, syndicated and cable TV. The Man of Steel's 50th Birthday was officially celebrated by the world on Feb. 28, 1988.
 The most recent turn of events in the saga of Clark Kent(TM) began last November with the death of Superman, while battling a monster named "Doomsday(TM)" at the end of Superman No. 75. But the death of Superman was not the end of the story. This past April, four beings simultaneously appeared, each claiming to be Superman. One is half- machine/half-alien, the second is a cold super-being in the Fortress of Solitude, the third is a super-powered teenager who appears to be cloned from the first Superman, and the fourth is a steel worker who fashioned a high-tech suit of armor and weaponry for himself to literally become the "Man of Steel." Which of any of these is the true Superman? The world will learn the resolution this August in Superman No. 82.
 American Greetings understands the attraction of familiar characters' faces, like Superman, on social expression products. Other characters featured on American Greetings products include Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, Opus N' Bill of the "Outland" Sunday comic strip, the ever popular Jim Henson's Muppets, the National Wildlife Federation, and the endearing Thomas the Tank Engine (shown on public television). These newcomers are in the good company of American Greetings' own sweet characters: The Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Holly Hobbie, the "new kid" Peppermint Rose, and of course, the humbly funny Ziggy.
 A fortune 300 company headquartered in Cleveland, American Greetings Corporation (NASDAQ: AGREA) is the world's largest publicly owned manufacturer and distributor of greeting cards and related social expression products, with annual revenues of $1.7 billion. American Greetings products can be found in leading retail outlets worldwide.
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 /EDITOR'S NOTE: TM indicates a trademark of DC Comics.
 /CONTACT: Sara Eames, marketing/public relations coordinator, American Greetings, 216-252-4947/

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