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 PHOENIX, July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- America West (NASDAQ: AWAQC) is celebrating its 10th anniversary as the only major carrier in the United States operating today to be born out of deregulation. "They said it couldn't be done, but here we are, celebrating a decade of service," exulted America West Airlines President and Chief Executive Officer Michael J. Conway.
 The Phoenix-based carrier initiated service on Aug. 1, 1983, with three aircraft operating nine daily flights between five cities: Colorado Springs, Colo.; Kansas City, Mo.; Los Angeles; Phoenix; and Wichita, Kan. Of America West's original 280 employees, 128 remain with the carrier today.
 During the 1980s, America West rode the national wave of explosive growth and, in 1990, was reclassified as a "major" carrier by the Department of Transportation. This status, enjoyed by only 10 U.S. airlines today, requires a carrier to achieve at least $1 billion in annual revenues. "There are only a handful of companies in U.S. business history that have been able to accomplish the task of going from zero to over $1 billion in annual revenues through internal growth in less than seven years," Conway said. "And, to my knowledge, no other airline operating today has done this."
 Once the 1990s began, a series of worldwide events took its toll on the aviation and aerospace industries. America West, along with Braniff, Continental, Eastern, Midway, Pan Am and TWA, filed for Chapter 11 reorganization protection. Four of these carriers have since ceased operations. One has emerged from Chapter 11, and America West has made a dramatic turnaround.
 The chief executive officer stated, "We are hopeful that America West will file a plan of reorganization and successfully emerge from Chapter 11 during 1993 or shortly thereafter." He continued, "America West is one of only two major carriers to have reported profits during the both the first and second quarters of 1993. This momentum is being carried into the third quarter and investment interest in the company has increased significantly." America West reported operating income of $17.2 million and $25.2 million during the first and second quarters, respectively. The carrier also reported net profits of $2.1 million and $10.3 million during the respective quarters.
 Today, America West operates one of the world's most modern, fuel- efficient, all-jet fleets of 85 aircraft. The carrier, along with its commuter partner, America West Express, provide convenient service to 55 cities throughout the United States and Mexico City. America West also employs nearly 11,000 people.
 Conway said, "Throughout our history, the naysayers have predicted America West's demise. We continue to defy their unfounded opinions and are confident in the successful future of America West." He concluded, "Many people have asked how America West has survived the turmoil that has plagued the airline industry. The answer is simple. We have attracted some of the most talented and committed people found in any company. They work hard, and they have demonstrated the flexibility needed to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Their resolve and dedication have proven to be the `immovable object' and `irresistible force' behind the company's first decade of quality service. With this kind of foundation, we are anxiously looking forward to our next 10 years with a great deal of confidence."
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Date:Jul 30, 1993

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