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 MIAMI, Aug. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- The Florida Marlins hit a home run for education Friday night when they introduced The World of Baseball, an integrated learning program that will be used in Dade and Broward classrooms this school year. The program will create a link between middle school curriculum and all aspects of the sport. Classroom activities will cover several subjects at once and use such facets of the game as the way in which batting statistics have been kept -- in the past and today -- to reinforce skills in math, social studies, language arts, science and health, physical education and the practical and the fine arts.
 The program will be introduced in grades 6-8 this year. It will eventually impact all grade levels and a combined two-school system enrollment of more than 500,000 students. It was developed through a grant from JM Family Enterprises, Inc., one of the nation's largest privately held companies based in South Florida. "JM Family is pleased to partner with the Dade and Broward school systems and the Florida Marlins to bring this innovative program to our kids," said Debbie Mason, JMFE vice president for corporate communications.
 Special care will be taken in developing this comprehensive curriculum to include even the smallest details such as the career path for becoming the team mascot in lesson plans. "We want to every use facet of baseball, from its history, to its fashions, to its technology and show how it reflects the changes within our country," said Anne Dilgen, a member of the Broward County school district staff and a coordinator of the program's development. "It's an unprecedented vehicle for educators. Being in partnership with The Florida Marlins gives us an opportunity to enhance learning," she added.
 "The Marlins are proud to be part of this program because it offers everyone in our organization an opportunity to make a commitment to and be role models for children," said Bonnie Lundquist, director of Player Services. "This program will not only reinforce the importance of making the most out of getting an education, but it will also broaden the interest of both boys and girls in major league sports," she added.
 The program is divided into four segments:
 Spring Training -- introduces the preparation needed in all areas of
 game operations, the history and rules of the game;
 The Season -- covers current events, logistics, geography, careers,
 equipment, health, statistics and baseball around the world.
 The All Star Game -- introduces career opportunities, the arts, the
 Women's League, the Negro League and the ethics of the game.
 The World Series -- rounds out the term by addressing issues in
 technology, memorabilia, communication and the people involved in
 the sport.
 Students participating will also be able to experience the game first hand. Trips will be made to the stadium before and after games to observe game day preparations as they take place. Students will also be able to enjoy the game and understand how their lessons in class come together on the field. The club's professional staff will also be interviewed on the job so that students can understand what types of skills and training are necessary for a career in major league baseball. Classes selected to participate in the program will "suit up" into teams during the school year, right about the time that spring training begins in the first quarter of 1994.
 JM Family Enterprises (JMFE), based in South Florida, is one of the nation's largest privately held companies with more than 20 related businesses that provide automotive products and services. JMFE takes an active role in joining local businesses and organizations to develop meaningful programs which address genuine needs.
 The Florida Marlins, Florida's only major league baseball team, has offices in Fort Lauderdale.
 The Dade and Broward school systems are the fourth and eighth largest school systems in the United States.
 -0- 8/27/93
 /CONTACT: Debbie Mason of JM Family Enterprises, 305-429-2071; Bonnie Lundquist of The Florida Marlins, 305-779-7070; Linda Brown of Dade Partners, 305-995-1215; or Merrie Meyers of Broward County Public Schools, 305-765-6274.

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