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AMERICA'S AUDITS: Contrary to the mainstream media's biased coverage of post-election reviews, comprehensive forensic audits have revealed evidence of significant fraud.

Election fraud has long been a blight on U.S. politics. As Americans have slowly awakened to this fact, they are not just taking notice, they are taking action. From Arizona to Pennsylvania, concerned citizens and lawmakers have enacted extreme measures to investigate the 2020 presidential election and expose how state laws were broken and tens of thousands of potentially corrupt ballots were counted as valid, despite the U.S. government declaring the election the "most secure in the nation's history."

The Arizona audit has set a high bar for other battleground states in the midst of conducting their own post-election audits.

Arizona's dogged grassroots efforts, supported by citizen affidavits alleging ballot tampering and other nefarious election anomalies, have helped pave the way for forensic reviews across all 50 states, modeled after the one in Arizona's Maricopa County. Contrary to the mainstream media's biased coverage of the Maricopa County review, the comprehensive investigation has revealed massive evidence of significant fraud and widespread vulnerabilities in the election process.

Still, even the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform, which held a

Americans fight back: Protesters gather outside the Maricopa County Recorder's Office, as the battle for the protection of the vote intensifies across the United States. hearing on October 7 to assess the results of the historic Arizona audit, has claimed the audit "failed to find any fraud."

Despite Subpoenas, Files Deleted?

During the hearing, Maricopa County Vice Chairman Bill Gates brazenly admitted to the county's deletion of election files.

"I would say that is it appropriate to maintain files and that's exactly what we did," said Gates, under cross-examination by Arizona Representative Andy Biggs on the deletion of data in the materials turned over to the auditors.

"We deleted, the deleted files had been discussed, they were archived," said Gates.

Questioned Biggs, "So you admit that Maricopa County did delete files off the server after the election?" Adding, "When you released these servers and this information to the auditors to begin with, they did not have access to those archived files, at first, is that fair to say?"

"They did not subpoena those," replied Gates. "That's correct."

Arizona Senate audit liaison Ken Bennett, who also appeared before the committee, responded to Gates' stunning admission, stating, "I find it frankly laughable to suggest that a county in response to a subpoena could say we will delete files from the hard drives and the materials we give to the auditors because we have those files archived on data that we did not give to the auditors, when the subpoena said 'turn over all materials related to the election.'"

But nothing to see here, right? Wrong. The final findings of the Maricopa County Forensic Audit, released at the end of September, indicate five times the number of votes separating Donald Trump and Joe Biden--10,457--were compromised, creating a compelling case for an election steal in the state.

"The People have a right to audit every election," Arizona House Representative Mark Finchem told The New American. "And when there is a question or controversy, they should [conduct an audit]. That is but one role of the State Legislator in every [governing] body around the nation. It takes courage to ask questions that challenge the status quo, but courage will be rewarded in this pursuit."

"Discrepancies must be proven or disproven for voters to have restored confidence in our systems," remarked Finchem.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has been called on by the Arizona State Senate to investigate the findings of the audit. And while the results of that review cannot constitutionally change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, state legislatures could resolve to decertify electoral votes.

The people determined to probe what really happened on November 3 possess a spirit of dedication and persistence for which all Americans should be thankful.

Since June, more than a dozen states have called for audits similar to the one in Arizona, including Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas, and Florida.

Georgia on Our Minds

In Georgia, specifically in the densely populated DeKalb and Fulton counties, tens of thousands of ballots have been reported to have been duplicated. Influential election-integrity groups VoterGA and True the Vote have led efforts to litigate against fraudulent ballot harvesting and ballot trafficking. In May, VoterGA obtained a court order permitting the organization to inspect hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballot images following the state's audit in November 2020.

That initial recount, while praised by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, was deemed "fatally flawed" by VoterGA after the nonprofit's own review uncovered a stunning 60-percent error rate. VoterGA's founder, Garland Favorito, told The New American that Fulton County falsified tally sheets, three days of chain-of-custody forms were missing, and duplicate reporting of batches had occurred.

In late August, former Army officer and current Georgia State Representative Philip Singleton (R), accompanied by VoterGA's Favorito, announced during a press conference that "the very first step and most important step to restoring election integrity and confidence in the electorate in Georgia is getting rid of the Dominion voting machines.... It is a clear violation of Georgia's election law, using a system that is not verifiable by the electorate." Further, Singleton said that lawmakers in the state are "willfully and willingly ignoring the Constitution and the laws of our state, and they need to be held accountable for that."

For thousands of Georgians, the 2020 presidential election cannot be accepted as legitimate. For legislators such as Singleton it is apparent that there is an intense desire in Americans for legitimacy to be applied to all future elections, and in this, they are determined to prevail.

Wisconsin Joins the Fight

Wisconsin, a state that cost Trump reelection by fewer than 21,000 votes, is also in the midst of pursuing an audit, this one led by former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman and overseen by Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R).

Wisconsin State Representative Timothy Ramthun (R) had suggested that the audit led by Gableman examine irregularities similar to those discovered in Arizona and Georgia, formally requesting a more comprehensive audit from Gableman and the Legislative Audit Bureau.

Ramthun's call for a forensic review sought to examine digital files to ensure that ballots were not scanned multiple times, as in Georgia's Fulton County. He also requested inspection of the routers and Internet access, logins, and protection software updates to rule out data issues exposed in Maricopa County.

In late July, Vos appointed Gableman as special counsel to the investigation, authorizing the former Supreme Court justice to proceed with the audit.

However, pressure from other Republicans, including Trump, who said Vos was "working hard to cover up election corruption in Wisconsin," combined with outrage from state Democrats arguing the Republicans were undermining confidence in the election system, perhaps led Vos to try to appease both sides, announcing dual audits by both Gableman and the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau.

Vos has scheduled the second audit for sometime in the fall of 2021, stating, "If you have two independent investigations where they are going to go the way the evidence leads them, that should be something we should all get around."

Pennsylvania Not Giving Up

Certainly, all Americans could get behind the persistent efforts by Pennsylvania Republican State Senator Doug Mastriano, whose early calls for a comprehensive audit in his state were thwarted not by Democrats, but instead by Republicans, a move that seriously fractures the base's leadership.

"I've been threatened that my staff would be fired as retribution for my desire to move forward with a forensic investigation," said Mastriano in August, after issuing letters to York, Tioga, and Pennsylvania Counties, requesting full cooperation in a forensic review.

Pennsylvania Democratic Governor Tom Wolf had attempted to block the audit, threatening all 67 counties in the state with decertification of their voting machines if they participated in the investigation.

However, it was GOP Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman who replaced Mastriano with Air Force veteran and Senator Cris Dush to "take up this cause and initiate a thorough review of the election, starting with fighting back against the partisan attacks on our election system by the Wolf Administration."

With Dush at the helm, "I have little confidence that a real investigation will ever take place," said Mastriano, responding to the change in leadership.

Yet the Jefferson County Republican will lead the Pennsylvania probe, having toured the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, where the Arizona audit took place.

Of his own state's audit, Dush released this statement on September 24: "Protecting the integrity of Pennsylvanians' election system is not only critical to the overall function of our country, but also secures Pennsylvania's unique role as a state within the fabric of our nation by allowing Pennsylvanians to express our state's culture, demographic, and geographic diversity through our voting process. It is for these reasons, that Pennsylvania and other states must have certainty in the oversight and integrity of their state's voting system."

Though RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) such as Corman press legislators such as Mastriano not to speak up and to let the establishment handle the process, Pennsylvanians are preparing for battle, demanding that legislators provide courageous and unrelenting leadership in the most important issue facing America: election integrity. Time will tell what Dush will do.

Washington State Weighs In

AH eyes are on Arizona, yet the fight for honest elections is being waged not only in the battleground states. From New Hampshire to Colorado to California, election-integrity groups are rising, even among Democratic strongholds such as Washington State.

Formed in December 2020, the Skagit Voter Integrity Project (SVIP) in Washington's Skagit County has brought together citizen volunteers "to strengthen voter confidence and election integrity in Skagit County by helping to clean the voter rolls, and provide helpful solutions to all aspects of county and state election systems, while advocating to ensure honest, transparent, free and fair elections."

A summary report of the group's findings, released on September 30, cited more than 1,500 anomalies in the 2020 general election.

In addition to the group conducting thorough phone and door-to-door canvassing efforts, they have conducted investigations into the state's mail-in voting system, which opens the door for ballot harvesting, and the vulnerabilities of electronic voting machines, "easily capable of being hacked and subject to manipulation."

Further, the report found "numerous instances of election-tabulation and voting machine irregularities, including WA State voting election data found on AZ voting machines, showing proof of voting machines connected to the internet and possible collusion."

Americans Need a Wake-up Call

The resounding message from Americans committed to annihilating voter fraud demands that the people rise up and equip themselves with the knowledge and the tools to restore election integrity at the state level. Computer-ased voting cannot and should not be trusted. Ultimately, as long as mail-in voting increasingly replaces in-person voting, election integrity is impossible. Changing this voting law in every state across the United States is imperative. Americans must heed the 45th president's advice: "Get out and vote, yet continue to fight for reforming a flawed system."

Caption: Problems in the Peach State: Remember the mysterious water-pipe break at a polling center that sent hundreds of workers home early on election night, though a few stayed behind to count ballots hidden in tubs from under sheet-draped tables? Something smells rotten in Fulton County, Georgia.

Caption: Outrage in Wisconsin: Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has ordered dual audits of the state's 2020 election results, though critics have accused him of working hard to cover up the fraud.

Caption: Fighting the RINOs: Efforts by outspoken Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano for a comprehensive review were thwarted in August not by the Democrats but by members of his own party, fracturing the base's leadership.
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