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AMD Releases AMD64 Simulator Application; SimNow, a High-Performance x86 Platform Simulator, Extends Access to ``Pacifica'' Virtualization Technology.

SAN FRANCISCO -- AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced the upcoming availability of SimNow, a high-performance AMD64 simulator that provides software developers with access to features of AMD's next-generation processor technologies, including AMD's virtualization technology, code named "Pacifica." SimNow is designed to enable software developers to emulate single- and dual-core AMD Athlon(TM) 64 and AMD Opteron(TM) processor-based systems that run commercial operating systems and applications, and to allow them to write and test software in advance of the commercial availability of processors implementing the features.

"AMD is demonstrating our strong support for the software development community by making our high-performance AMD64 simulator, SimNow, free to developers," said Joe Menard, corporate vice president, Software Strategy, AMD. "By providing leading-edge tools and features to the ISV community, and enabling access to next-generation technologies such as 'Pacifica' ahead of the commercial availability of next-generation processors, we expect SimNow to enable a richer commercial and embedded software ecosystem for AMD64 technology, the gold standard for 64-bit computing."

"The SimNow Simulator is a significant factor behind superior SUSE Linux support of the AMD Athlon 64 and AMD Opteron processors. Not only does it allow us to develop for new chip designs prior to their physical creation, it also provides us with important debug capabilities, accelerating the process," said Eric Anderson, vice president of engineering for Novell. "We are excited about AMD's decision to make this tool available to a broader audience and are looking forward to this new release of SimNow."

By making SimNow generally available, AMD is providing software developers with a high-performance development tool that is designed to allow them to develop and tune software for the AMD64 architecture. As the AMD64 architecture continues to evolve, SimNow is designed to be a tool to enable developers to test and tune their software to ensure the best possible end-user experience.

SimNow will include a workable model of "Pacifica" virtualization technology. Available in the first half of 2006, "Pacifica" has been developed to extend AMD64 technology with Direct Connect Architecture to enhance virtualization for clients and servers by introducing a new model and features into the processor and memory controller.

The SimNow code will be available for download by August 22, at

About AMD64

AMD64 technology is the gold standard for 64-bit computing. AMD64's Direct Connect Architecture evolves industry standards to deliver break-through performance on single- and dual-core processors by directly connecting the processors, the memory controller and the I/O to the CPU. AMD64 technology is also designed to enhance the security of computing environments by integrating Enhanced Virus Protection(a) technology enabled by advanced anti-virus features, including those found in the current versions Microsoft(R) Windows(R), Linux, Solaris and BSD Unix. Today, more than 75 of the top 100 companies in the Forbes Global 2000 or their subsidiaries, representing the world's most competitive industries, now rely on AMD64 technology-based systems to run their enterprise applications. Since their introduction in 2003, AMD64 processors have earned more than 120 industry awards and the support of more than 2,000 OEMs, hardware and software developers, system builders and distributors. For more information on AMD64 technology, see

About AMD

AMD (NYSE: AMD) designs and produces innovative microprocessors, Flash memory devices and low-power processor solutions for the computer, communications and consumer electronics industries. AMD is dedicated to delivering standards-based, customer-focused solutions for technology users, ranging from enterprises and governments to individual consumers. For more information visit

(a) Enhanced Virus Protection (EVP) is only enabled by certain operating systems including the current versions of Microsoft(R) Windows(R), Linux, Solaris and BSD Unix. After properly installing the appropriate operating system release, users must enable the protection of their applications and associated files from buffer overrun attacks. Consult OS documentation for information on enabling EVP. Contact software application vendors for information regarding use of the application in conjunction with EVP. AMD strongly recommends that users continue to use third-party anti-virus software as part of their security strategy.

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Date:Aug 9, 2005
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