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AMD InterWave(TM) chip brings interactive sound to PC audio.

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 24, 1995--Advanced Micro Devices today announced the Am78C201 InterWave(TM) audio processor, a complete personal computer audio system on a single chip.

The most advanced silicon solution available for bringing interactive wavetable sound to personal computing, the InterWave processor supports today's major PC-audio standards and provides the ideal engine for running the Microsoft Windows(TM) 95 Game SDK audio feature set.

"We are pleased that AMD is developing audio solutions for Windows 95," said Brad Silverberg, senior vice-president of the Personal Systems Division at Microsoft. "The availability of the Game SDK and complementary audio solutions, such as the InterWave device, will accelerate the number of compelling, high-quality games on this platform."

The InterWave chip uses downloadable, 16-bit, 32-voice wavetable synthesis to deliver unparalleled clarity, authenticity, and interactivity to a broad range of business, education, and entertainment applications. Multimedia game developers, for example, have discovered that the InterWave chip's interactive sound capability enables PC-audio compositions to "come alive" with dynamic realism. With interactive sound, audio output changes are coordinated with the visual effects on the PC monitor. For example, the roar of a jet engine changes pitch and seemingly follows a computer-generated aircraft as it veers across the screen.

"Game developers have eagerly awaited the audio capabilities provided by the AMD InterWave processor," said Zachary Simpson, director of technology at Origin Systems, Inc. "The InterWave chip and the Microsoft DirectSound API will allow Origin to deliver games supported by unprecedented levels of audio quality and realism at consumer price points."

"AMD has taken a role of responsibility and leadership by providing the audio features we composers need to know will be there on your PC," added The Fat Man, the Austin, Texas-based game composer who has produced the soundtracks for 7th Guest, Wing Commander I and II, and over 90 other multimedia titles. "The InterWave chip has a wonderful set of General MIDI instruments, carefully crafted and balanced against each other so that all the notes will make it from our hearts to your ears."

The InterWave chip features a powerful "Mix, Move and Modify(TM)" capability that lets developers create new sounds, combine multiple audio sources, and modify sounds in real-time. On-chip audio effects processing gives developers control of such special effects as vibrato, tremolo, chorus, echo, flanging (phase shifting), and reverb.

"With its superior sound quality and versatility, wavetable synthesis has replaced FM synthesis in the professional music industry," said Bob Krueger, vice president of AMD's I/O and Network Products Division. "Emerging multimedia and Windows 95-based applications make FM synthesis no longer acceptable for PCs, and call for cost-effective interactive wavetable solutions like our InterWave chip."

The InterWave processor supports today's major audio standards, including the Windows and Windows 95 operating system APIs, Windows Sound System, General MIDI, MPU-401, Miles Audio Interface Library (AIL), HMI Sound Operating System (SOS), legacy AdLib and Sound Blaster-compatible applications, MPC-2 and Gravis UltraSound (GUS).

The InterWave processor provides all the high-performance audio functions required by PC manufacturers, add-in board manufacturers, and software developers. The 160-pin AM78C201 fully complies with the Plug and Play specification and is ideally suited for Plug and Play-compatible add-in cards or jumperless motherboards.

To simplify development with the InterWave chip, AMD provides OEMs and application developers with a complete range of software drivers, reference hardware designs, developer kits, and documentation. The Am78C201 is currently being sampled in limited quantities to customers and developers. The 1K price is $39.95, and volume production is scheduled for Q3 this year.

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., is the fourth-largest U.S. merchant-supplier of integrated circuits. Focusing on the personal and networked computing and communications markets, AMD produces microprocessors and related peripherals, memories, programmable logic devices, and circuits for telecommunications and networking applications. AMD has sales offices worldwide and manufacturing facilities in Sunnyvale, Calif.; Austin, Texas; Bangkok, Thailand; Penang, Malaysia; Singapore; Basingstoke, England; and Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan. -0-

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Date:Apr 24, 1995
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