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AMCC To Enable Next-Generation Metro Carrier Infrastructure With Terabit-Class Switch Fabric Technology.

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AMCC's nPX8005 Switch Fabric to Combine With the 10 Gbps nP7510

Network Processor and nPX5700 Traffic Manager, Offering

Industry-Leading QoS Support and a Scalable Architecture for Maximum

Cost Efficiency

Applied Micro Circuits Corp. (AMCC) (NASDAQ:AMCC), today announced the nPX8005, a crossbar-based switch fabric optimized for Metro Access and Metro Core switching applications, which is comprised of a memory subsystem (S8905), a scheduling device (S8805 or S8505) and a crossbar with integrated arbiter (S8605).

Complementing AMCC's 160 Gbps nPX5800 output-buffered (shared-memory) fabric, the nPX8005 is expected to be one of the industry's first to scale to terabit capacity. Designed to work seamlessly with AMCC's 10 Gbps nP7510 network processor and nPX5700 traffic manager, the nPX8005 will provide customers with a complete system solution for metro carrier applications including core switch and Storage Area Networks (SAN). Featuring an integrated 2.5 Gbps SERDES, high-speed terminations and memory, the nPX8005 will provide customers with industry-leading QoS support, leveraging 0.13 um CMOS technology to provide a low-power, high-capacity switch fabric packaged in a small form factor.

The nPX8005, previously known as Cyclone, is the result of the cooperation between two AMCC subsidiaries that were acquired last year, YuniNetworks & MMC Networks. With the nPX8005, AMCC will introduce its second of two complementary switch fabrics. The nPX5800, introduced in 2001, offers a low-cost solution that scales to 160 Gbps in its current generation and to 640 Gbps in its next generation, connecting to the nPX5700 traffic manager without the need for any line-card fabric interface components. Meanwhile, the nPX8005's crossbar architecture is expected to provide the flexibility to scale linearly to terabit-range bandwidth for high-end applications, without inefficiency in power, board area or cost.

The nPX8005's architecture is protocol-agnostic, offering cell sizes optimized for cell traffic or packet traffic. This will allow customers to leverage combined switch fabric, network processor and traffic manager designs across multiple platforms, minimizing the investment required in a multi-platform product line.

"The nPX8005 is expected to be one of the earliest terabit-class fabric products on the market," said Jag Bolaria, senior analyst at The Linley Group. "With this fabric, AMCC is able to provide complete switching solutions for a broad range of throughputs, with advanced quality of service that includes low latency and no delay jitter."

For added value, the nPX8005 will offer "active redundancy," allowing additional switch cards to not only provide redundant protection but fully usable bandwidth. This active redundancy effectively increases bandwidth utilization by 33 percent. Utilizing the advanced 0.13 um CMOS process, nPX8005 features an exceptionally low power dissipation of 12 W per 10 Gbps terminated bandwidth provisioned with 1+1 protection. To ensure service level agreement performance, the nPX8005 will provide outstanding flexibility and efficiency for applications requiring per-flow accountability, robust scheduling and reliability mechanisms.

"With the addition of the nPX8005 chip set, AMCC continues to offer customers the broadest product line available from fiber to fabric," stated Jeff Cashen, general manager of switching and network processing division at AMCC. "We provide an additional benefit to our customers in that we validate that all functions work together before our chips are shipped, thus eliminating this large burden for our customers and reducing their time to market."

The nPX8005 exceeds the requirements of the evolving optical network, as customers demand high-capacity, scalable and flexible switch architectures when designing their systems. The device's linear scalability and industry-leading QoS support will allow customers to deploy a single switch architecture in multiple next-generation products, saving engineering costs and accelerating time-to-market.

The nPX8005 features eight classes of service (COS), enabling greater granularity when handling traffic subject to service level agreements that call for improved handling and reliability for system critical data transfers or VoIP, versus lower priority data transfers such as Web page downloads. For added flexibility, the nPX8005 will offer robust scheduling algorithms such as weighted round robin (WRR), suitable for fixed-length cell traffic; deficit round robin (DRR), ideal for variable length packet traffic such as IP over Ethernet; weighted fair queuing (WFQ) for egress traffic shaping and finer granularity scheduling; and maximal matching round robin for connecting ingress to egress. The nPX8005 features on-chip 50-Ohm differential and common mode terminations for 2.5 Gbps serial links, offering a significant savings in board space and design cycle time. In addition, AMCC's nPX8005 supports TDM grooming and packet switching in a single fabric.


Packaged in a plastic BGA, the nPX8005 will begin sampling to development partners this quarter.

About AMCC

AMCC designs, develops, manufactures, and markets high-performance, high-bandwidth silicon solutions empowering intelligent optical networks. AMCC utilizes a combination of digital, mixed-signal and high-frequency analog design expertise coupled with system-level knowledge and multiple silicon process technologies to offer integrated circuit products that enable the transport of voice and data over fiber optic networks. The company's system solution portfolio includes switch fabric, traffic management, network processor, framer/mapper, PHY and PMD devices that address the high-performance needs of the evolving intelligent optical network. AMCC's corporate headquarters and wafer fabrication facilities are located in San Diego. Sales and engineering offices are located throughout the world. For further information regarding AMCC, please visit our Web site at

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Product photos, datasheets and application notes are available upon request. AMCC is a registered trademark of Applied Micro Circuits Corp.
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Date:Jan 21, 2002
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