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FRIENDSHIP bracelets generally fall into three categories: Knotted (woven) friendship bracelets; plaited friendship bracelets; and wrapped friendship bracelets.

This will show you how to make a knotted one.

For any type of friendship bracelet you will need to buy embroidery threads in different colours. You'll also need a pair of scissors and some sticky tape. If you want to make things a bit more spectacular, try adding beads or charms to your bracelets too.

HOW to make easy friendship bracelets with simple knots: The simplest version of a knotted friendship bracelet features a diagonal stripe design. 1. Choose two or more different coloured embroidery threads.

2. Cut four lengths of thread of a metre in length (if you want a wider band, cut more lengths).

3. Fold the threads in half (so you have a bunch of 8 threads) and tie a knot at the folded end to form a small loop big enough to fit your finger through.

4. Either tape the loop to a surface, or place it over the forefinger of your dominant hand. 5. Lay the threads in the order you would like the stripes to be.

6. Take the outside thread furthest to your right; pass it over and behind the thread next to it; push the end through the resulting hole; and pull tight to form a single knot. 7. Form a second knot in the same way, with the same threads.

8. Then, use the same outer thread, knot twice on the next thread over.

9. Continue in the same way until you have knotted across all the threads from right to left. The result will be a woven stripe.

as 10. Repeat the same steps until you have created a length of woven band just long enough to encircle a wrist. 11. Cut the remaining lengths of thread to approximately 10 cms long.

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These pretty bracelets are not as |difficult to make as they may look

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