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AM's are comedians? Now that is funny!

Byline: By Steve tucker South Wales Echo

Did you miss out on all the fun? Fear not, as here we present that Welsh Assembly laughter therapy session in full:

10am - First Minister Rhodri Morgan takes to the stage. He is carrying a golf club, a la Bob Hope in his prime. Rhodri approaches the microphone.

10.05am - Health Minister, Dr Brian 'Not So Funky' Gibbons, enters wearing comedy glasses and a silly nose. Much laughter. Although when people look closely they realise they are actually his real nose and glasses. Even more laughter.

10.10am - AM for Amazon Central Helen Mary Jones enters riding a unicycle while juggling three ferrets. Meanwhile in the background former Health Minister Jane Hutt plays a polka on a barrel organ, until the monkey takes over insisting he can do it more efficiently. Suddenly, the unicycle collapses and one of the ferrets bites Ms Jones on the nose. Applause. The ferret comes back on stage and takes a bow. A standing ovation.

10.15am - Lib Dem leader Mike German runs on stage, a trilby at a jaunty angle on his beautifully coiffured head.

10.20am - Tory leader Nick 'No Identity' Bourne takes to the stage in a pair of silk pyjamas and a nightcap. He is carrying his teddy bear 'Cairns' under his arm.

Three hours later, the room is empty save for the janitor sweeping up. First Minister Rhodri Morgan enters, still carrying his golf club. He approaches the mic.
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 7, 2005
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