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ALWAYS EVOLVING; Music; Dan Reynolds reflects on going on the road, his fragile health and being a rocking dad.


Mastermind of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds, has a knack for turning despair into good fortune. His issues with doubt and depression were transformed into multimillion-selling, stadiumfilling, hip-hop bolstered success with songs on the Las Vegas band's first two albums Night Visions and Smoke + Mirrors.

Now ready to return to the UK touring the upbeat, outwardly engaged and pointedly titled third album Evolve, Dan is determined not to be held back by ankylosing spondylitis, the medical condition that has previously caused him to cancel shows.

Reynolds, 30, likens the disease to "extreme arthritis", but with a summer of touring ahead he is determined it will not hold him back: "In some ways it's been a good thing, as it makes me more conscious about taking care of myself. I eat healthily and I exercise regularly.

"I have to pace myself more, especially on the road. It's hard, because we are all workaholics to some extent. We love playing live.

"The long-term outlook really varies from person to person, so I try to focus on the now instead."

Reynolds has also had to balance the band's runaway success with his role as a new father of three young daughters, including twins born last year.

"It's probably the hardest part about being a musician," he admits. "My family is everything to me and it isn't easy to juggle travelling with being a dad.

"That said, I try to bring them with me on the road whenever I can, and we always find a way to make it work with rooms set up at the venues for the kids."

Reynolds credits therapy for helping keep his own blues at bay.

"And sometimes a good run can fix a lot of problems," he smiles.

Putting the attention on other people's challenges as Imagine Dragons have with their impassioned LGBTQ advocacy can also help.

"The number of LGBTQ kids suffering from depression and even taking their life is way too high," says Dan.

"We have a long way to go. The first step is helping these kids know they are loved and accepted completely. That seems like an obvious thing, but still the world has a long way to go. That's my focus."

Despite his own health issues and the demands of parenting, Dan sees no end to Imagine Dragons' career in the offing.

"We will keep working together as long as we have something relevant to say. At some point, that may not be the case. But for now, that's our focus and where we put all our time and energy. If you have a plan B, you aren't serious enough about your Plan A."

The band play Dublin's 3Arena on February 26

MUSIC TALK IMAGINE DRAGONS 'I eat healthily and exercise, but the long-term outlook varies. I focus on the now instead'

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 23, 2018
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