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Articles from ALTEX: Alternatives to Animal Experimentation (June 22, 2020)

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2nd Centro3R Annual Meeting: 3Rs in Italian Universities. Bassi, Anna Maria; Ahluwalia, Arti; Penco, Susanna; Chiono, Valeria; Fiore, Gianfranco Beniamino; Vi 1900
Automated Integration of Structural, Biological and Metabolic Similarities to Improve Read-Across. Gadaleta, Domenico; Bakhtyari, Azadi Golbamaki; Lavado, Giovanna J.; Roncaglioni, Alessandra; Benfen 9612
Biology-Inspired Microphysiological Systems to Advance Patient Benefit and Animal Welfare in Drug Development. 22308
CAAT feed. 4152
Corrigendum to An Advanced In Vitro Model to Assess Glaucoma Onset. Sacca, Sergio C.; Tirendi, Sara; Scarfi, Sonia; Passalacqua, Mario; Oddone, Francesco; Traverso, Car Correction notice 169
Cruelty Free INTERNATIONAL: Ending animal experiments worldwide. 1447
Editorial. von Aulock, Sonja Editorial 942
EUSAAT: European Society for Alternatives to Animal Testing. 556
Evaluation of Phototoxic and Cytotoxic Potential of Ti[O.sub.2] Nanosheets in a 3D Reconstructed Human Skin Model. Liskova, Alzbeta; Letasiova, Silvia; Jantova, Sona; Brezova, Vlasta; Kandarova, Helena 6775
Good Cell and Tissue Culture Practice 2.0 (GCCP 2.0)--Draft for Stakeholder Discussion and Call for Action. Pamies, David; Leist, Marcel; Coecke, Sandra; Bowe, Gerard; Allen, Dave; Gstraunthaler, Gerhard; Bal 1900
Incorporation of Stem Cell-Derived Astrocytes into Neuronal Organoids to Allow Neuro-Glial Interactions in Toxicological Studies. Brull, Markus; Spreng, Anna-Sophie; Gutbier, Simon; DominikLoser; Krebs, Alice; Reich, Marvin; Kraus 11533
Inflammation-Induced Tissue Damage Mimicking GvHD in Human Skin Models as Test Platform for Immunotherapeutics. Wallstabe, Julia; Bussemer, Lydia; Groeber-Becker, Florian; Freund, Lukas; Alb, Miriam; Dragan, Mari 8673
Introducing the Concept of Virtual Control Groups into Preclinical Toxicology Animal Testing. Steger-Hartmann, Thomas; Kreuchwig, Annika; Vaas, Lea; Wichard, Jorg; Bringezu, Frank; Amberg, Alexa 4892
Modeling Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy Using a Nerve-on-a-Chip Microphysiological System. Kramer, Liana; Nguyen, Hieu T.; Jacobs, Elizabeth; McCoy, Laurie; Curley, J. Lowry; Sharma, Anup D.; 9305
Performance of a Novel In Vitro Assay for Skin Sensitization Based on Activation of T Lymphocytes. Hou, Fenxia; Xing, Caihong; Li, Bin; Cheng, Juan; Chen, Wei 12261
Setting the Trend for the Alternatives Movement in India: The Second National Conference of the Society for Alternatives to Animal Experiments-India. Palahe, Pratiksha; Pendse, Shalmali; Pardhi, Vinal; Jha, Vikas; Dsouza, Valencia; Panicker, Sreejith Conference notes 3451
Strategy to Replace Animal-Derived ECM by a Modular and Highly Defined Matrix. Nesterenko, Yevheniia; Dolde, Xenia; Leist, Marcel; Mayans, Olga 6066
Swiss-Chinese Cooperation for Organs-on-a-Chip and Stem Cell Research. Kopanska, Katarzyna S.; Rimann, Markus 4154
Towards an Animal-Free Human Health Assessment: Starting from the Current Regulatory Needs. Bos, Peter M.J.; Geraets, Liesbeth; de Wit-Bos, Lianne; Heringa, Minne; van Engelen, Jacqueline 10593
Virtual Summer School: Alternative Methods and Models in Science: A Multidisciplinary In Vitro Approach. Caloni, Francesca; Cazzaniga, Alessandra; Coccini, Teresa; Gutleb, Arno C.; Kandarova, Helena; Melon 2015

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