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ENERGY RESOURCE-2 November 2006-ALT ENERGY COMPANIES IN THE NEWS: Nova Biosource Fuels Inc.(C)2006 JeraOne -

Nova Biosource Fuels Inc., which received an air construction permit from the Illinois EPA for the construction and temporary operation of its proposed biodiesel refinery in Seneca, Ill., is an energy company in the business of synthesizing and distributing renewable fuel products and related co-products.

Nova's initial focus will be to construct and operate two to four biodiesel refineries with production capacity of between 120 to 240 million gallons of biodiesel fuel on an annual basis. Nova's business strategy for the next three years includes the construction of up to seven biodiesel refineries with production capacities ranging from 20 to 60 million gallons per year.

All of Nova's refineries will use its proprietary, patented process technology, which enables the use of a broader range of lower cost feedstocks.

The company recently changed its name from Nova Oil Inc. and previously used the trade name Nova Energy Holding Inc. Its ticker symbol on the OTC Bulletin Board System was recently changed from NVAO to NVBF.

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Publication:Energy Resource
Date:Nov 2, 2006
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