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HH HHH DIRECTOR Jonathan Teplitzky's uneven character study paints a very different portrait of the bombastic statesman during one of the most turbulent periods of his leadership: the nervous hours leading the D-Day landings in June 1944.

The clock is ticking down the sixth hour of the sixth day of the sixth month and Churchill (Brian Cox) is determined to solidify his place in history. He repeatedly frustrates General Dwight Eisenhower (John Slattery), Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery Julian Wadham) and Field Marshal Alan Brooke (Danny Webb) by stubbornly arguing against Operation Overlord.

Brian Cox as Churchill Tempers fray, leading to confrontations between HHH HH PENNED in broad strokes by screenwriter Tom Flynn, Gifted is a deeply moving drama which overcomes a formulaic structure to deliver hefty emotional wallops, and provides buff leading man Chris Evans with a meaty dramatic role to test his acting mettle rather than his bulging biceps.

Florida boat repairman Frank Adler (Evans) home-schools his cherubic six-year-old niece Mary Mckenna Grace), who inherited her passion for algebra from her late mother. Mary's maternal grandmother Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan) materialises Florida to stake a claim to the child in the court Judge Edward Nichols (John M Jackson). While Frank and Evelyn trade verbal blows through their lawyers, Mary makes clear her unerring devotion to Frank: "He wanted me before he knew I was smart."

Gifted is a heartfelt ode to sacrifice that succeeds despite its occasional reliance on cliches.

ROCK DOG (PG) HHH TIBETAN Mastiff bows down at the altar of the rock gods and discovers the inner riff of a true hero Ash Brannon's computer animated fable.

Bodi (voiced by Luke Wilson) is a teenage rebel who has been raised by his stern father Khampa (JK Simmons) to guard their village Snow Mountain from marauding pack of wolves by snarling alpha Linnux Lewis Black). Unfortunately, Bodi's passion is music, not protecting the village, and when he neglects his duties to listen rock god Angus Scattergood (Eddie Izzard) on the radio, Khampa's patience wears out. He buys his a bus ticket to the city and instructs Bodi to chase his dream.

Bodi, voiced by Luke Wilson Rock Dog won't be topping the box office charts it's mildly diverting entertainment for our

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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 23, 2017
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