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Byline: FILM With Damon Smith

ALSO SHOWING BLADE RUNNER 2049 (15) HHHH H DIRECTOR Denis Villeneuve's eagerly awaited sequel honours the past and respectfully expands the nihilistic universe imagined by Philip K Dick in his novel Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? Motifs from Ridley Scott's 1982 film reverberate throughout this pristine follow-up.

The laconic hero is officer KD6-3.7 (Ryan Gosling), one of a new breed of grizzled blade runners, who "retire" genetically engineered replicants that live among the weary population. During his work, K uncovers a shocking secret.

Ryan Gosling as K The subsequent quest for painful answers leads K to Deckard (Harrison Ford), who is reluctant to venture back into the automated world that almost destroyed him.

THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US (12A) HHH HH A PLANE crash in mountainous terrain brings together strangers on different emotional flight paths in director Hany Abu-Assad's romantic drama.

This is a gooey collision of beautiful people in peril: a photojournalist (Kate Winslet) on assignment for a national UK newspaper and a gifted neurosurgeon (Idris Elba). The script goes into freefall well before a bravura crash sequence, which the director seemingly captures in a single fluid take, his camera gliding back and forth inside the claustrophobic fuselage until the inevitable, sickening plunge towards terra firma.

Oscar winner Winslet and Golden Globe winner Elba don't have a great deal to work with, but both actors threaten to melt the 10 inches of spring snow with their lustful glances and heartfelt delivery of corny dialogue.

THE GLASS CASTLE (12A) HHH HH ADAPTED from Jeannette Walls' best-selling memoir of the same title, director Destin Daniel Cretton's tonally uneven picture asks us to believe that formative years marked by abandonment and rejection could inspire four siblings to discover the inner strength that will stand them in good stead for the future.

It's a harsh lesson in self-preservation, delivered with gusto by an impressive ensemble cast led by Oscar winner Brie Larson.

Those sterling performances, which frequently claw at our hearts, elevate a chronologically fractured script that fails to endear us to a boozesodden father (Woody Harrelson), who has a mantra to justify every hard knock until he must finally confront the pain he has wrought.

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Date:Oct 13, 2017
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