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ALPS Electric Co., Ltd.: electronic devices to enhance human media interface.

Company Overview

Since its establishment in 1948, ALPS Electric Co., Ltd, has specialized in high quality, state-of-the-art components essential to the creation of products that contribute to the advancement of the electronics industry. With 23 production facilities in six countries, and 54 sales offices in nine countries, ALPS is well-positioned to address market needs, win customer satisfaction, and deliver products efficiently around the globe.

Human Media Interactive

Our goal is to build products that facilitate user-friendly communication and relationships between people and media. To provide better human media interface in an age of ubiquitous networking, we develop and manufacture products for three key functions; Human Machine Interface, Communications and Machine-to-Machine Interface.

Human Machine Interface -- As electronics devices evolve into more multi-functional items, it will be essential to have technologies that provide devices with the ability to easily send and receive messages. We apply years of experience in manufacturing components to producing improved input, output and display digital devices that are easy to use.

Communication -- We apply our extensive and unique knowledge in analog technologies to developing new digital technologies and making products that have already earned a reputation for high quality and dependability in markets around the world.

Machine-to-Machine Interface -- Inside an electronic gadget, miniature devices must operate in close connection with each other to produce the kind of output that people can use. There is a constant need for the technologies that facilitate these enhancements to be packed even more densely and microscopically.

ALPS delivers these three functions under the concept of ALPS' System in Package with the aim of unity and progress of all functions by developing attractive devices with compound functions that are more advanced than conventional electronic components.

Five Strategic Business Domains

With an eye on the next-generation electronics market. ALPS focuses its unlque technologies on five core business areas: Components, Magnetic Devices, Communications, Peripheral Products and Automotive Electronics.


Responding to the broadening field of electronics with original product creation, ALPS offers an array of components in a wide range for electronics markets, Every product incorporates original material, molding and manufacturing technologies, and each perfectly matches customer needs for high-functionality and space-saving properties.


The Components division handles unique connectors for small memory cards that incorporate not only Alps' original interface and mechatronics technology for ease of use and assembly, but also high-frequency technology for noise reduction and shielding against interface. In addition, ALPS Components division offers the smallest mounting area in the industry for mobile device use.

Magnetic Devices

Incorporating extensive knowledge of magnetic materials into state-of-the art devices. ALPS proudly exploits its material technology and precision processing technology to provide key devices for the memory storage media. For today's hard disk drives, we have been focusing on developing a core product: the Giant Magneto Resistance (GMR) head. Henceforth, we plan to propel GMR into the next generation while aggressively pursuing new applications for magneto-resistance.



Fusing the latest technologies with radio waves in pursuit of new forms of communication. In addition to developing a wide variety of communications products. ALPS can quickly develop new applications to meet the ever-changing next-generation standards throughout the world. In countiess ways. ALPS supports the development of the "ubiquitous network society" ALPS is prepared to meet the future demands of next generation digital broadcasting equipment, personal communications tools, cellular phones and wireless communication devices that enable access to the Internet from anywhere. Through its work with optical lenses for fiber-optic communications, ALPS is significantly contributing to the construction of basic networks that support the information infrastructure of the future.


Peripheral Products

Devising interfaces for effortless interaction between people and devices. The peripheral product is at the forefront of Alps "Human Media Interactive" concept. This business offers a line-up of high-quality displays, printers for digital cameras and various input devices with a multi-angled approach to the proportion.


At ALPS, we offer an impressive line-up of high-quality, energy-saving display peripherals with original reflective film, which uses unique technologies such as ALPS microscopic processing technology and efficiently maximizes ambient light.

For output devices, we offer excellent printers suited for digital cameras and mobile product that achieved high-speed printing and deliver excellent photographic picture quality.

Automotive Electronics

"Employing a wealth of unique technologies to merge the fields of cars and electronics." ALPS provides unique and cutting-edge systems to car manufacturers all over the world. ALPS is concentrating in unique body electronics technology to totally revolutionize how people interact with their automobiles.


ALPS Electric (USA), Inc.

ALPS Electric (USA), Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of ALPS Electric Co., Ltd. Its headquarters are in San Jose, California, which takes charge of marketing and sales in the North America region. ALPS Electric (USA), Inc has sales offices in San Diego, Raleigh, Hatboro. Atlanta, Denver, Austin, and Chicago. They have been strategically located to closely monitor and serve each individual client or market involved.

ALPS Electric (USA). Inc.

30 Las Colinas Lane

San Jose, CA 95119-1212

Tel: (408) 361-6400

Fax: (408) 226-7301

Use InfoLINK 4L3641 or Call 800-843-1025
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