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Expanding on its innovative web-based database features in Version 6, Alpha Software Inc. has unveiled a major new upgrade to its acclaimed database application development tool, Alpha Five.

Alpha Five Version 7 continues the tradition of providing exceptional usability, productivity and utility for database application developers, allowing users to rapidly create and deploy sophisticated desktop and web-based applications without having to write code.

With its enhanced ability to create feature rich database-driven web solutions rapidly, Alpha Five Version 7 does what Microsoft Access and FileMaker Pro can't do - i.e. dramatically cuts the costs and the development time required to build equivalent solutions using programming tools, such as .php and .aspx

The new capabilities that have been engineered into Alpha Five version 7 are designed to boost the productivity of VARS and professional application developers and enable them to create robust web database solutions exceptionally quickly. In addition managers and office workers who previously would not have been able to build web database solutions, are now empowered to do so themselves.

Alpha Five version 7 provides users with remarkable choice in building custom web applications because of its ability to work with data stored in its built in database engine, or with data from multiple SQL sources such as Oracle, MySQL, Cache, DB2, MS SQL Server or even MS Access and Excel provides. Based on reports from beta testers, Alpha Five version 7 allows solutions to be built in a small fraction of the time required using programming tools such as .aspx and .php.

New features in version 7 make it straightforward for small business owners and departmental users in large companies, in government and in non profit organizations to create fully customized desktop and web database solutions to fit their exact needs, and to share information between authorized users in various formats such as PDF, HTML, and RTF. With the announcement of Alpha Five version 7, Alpha Software is also announcing an integrated database hosting service, "Alpha Five-Online" that provides seamless hosting for Alpha Five web applications.

"In designing Alpha Five version 7 we had one goal in mind," said Selwyn Rabins, Co-Chairman of Alpha Software. "To make the most feature-filled database development tool even easier to use by incorporating new features aimed at speeding up and simplifying the development and deployment of custom web database applications."

"The pioneering new features in Version 7 meet that goal. Simply put, - no other product produces the robust database solutions that Alpha Five Version 7 does as quickly and easily as it does. Programmers will be delighted with the huge time savings that they can achieve by combining the power and flexibility of the xBasic development language with the RAD tools and components built into Alpha Five Version 7. Non programmers on the other hand, will be delighted that they don't need to learn how to program in order to build custom desktop and web database applications.

Key new Version 7 features that add to Alpha Five's award winning capabilities are summarized below:

* Version 7 is faster than Version 6. Important areas such as form loading, repainting and program load times have been improved.

* Improved PDF, RTF, and HTML output. Major improvements in Alpha Five's PDF driver allow users to password protect PDF files, protecting them from un-authorized access, modification, copying, or printing. Users can apply watermarks to PDF files and can "linearize" them so that even very large PDF files will display rapidly when accessed via a browser. Users can also convert PDF files to HTML or RTF formats.

* Dozens of new features in Web Components. The Grid and Dialog web components have been enhanced with dozens of powerful new time saving features that include, new search options, lookup fields (which display a pop-up Grid component from which a user can select a record which then fills in multiple fields on a form), data validation, field level security (to control who can view sensitive data in a Grid), and Tabbed Forms (which allow users to create attractive tabbed forms for organizing forms with large number of fields).

* New Tabbed GridLinker Web Component. Create master-detail web pages that display a parent Grid linked to multiple child Grids, with a series of tab buttons controlling which child Grid is visible. For example, one could build a web page displaying a list of companies and for each company, a tabbed display of orders, payments, and credits for the current company.

* New Navigation System Web Component. Create professional navigation systems for web pages with horizontal or vertical toolbars displaying cascading drop-down and fly-out menus. The display of a menu item can be restricted by setting minimum access level requirements. No programming or knowledge of Java Script is required.

* Rapid display of web data by enabling Alpha Five to pre-fetch data when querying the server

* The built in Version 7 Web Application Server delivers higher transaction volumes. It also has native SSL Support thus allowing Alpha Five to be a very practical and productive choice for building financial and HIPAA compliant medical applications.

* Grid Events. A rich event model allows customized Xbasic code to be injected into Grid components. Developers can now take advantage of the very rapid development process offered by Grid components without giving up the flexibility of coding web pages in Xbasic.

* List View Control. The new List View control allows users to display data in an attractive tabular view. Lists can be automatically populated with static data, or from data in Alpha Five (.dbf), ADO, or ODBC data sources. The List View control can also be dynamically bound to Alpha Five tables (.dbf files), allowing lists to display data from extremely large tables. A genie makes setting up the List View control very easy.

* Property Sheet Control. Property sheets have become a popular user interface component and Alpha Five now allows users to easily add property sheets to their own applications. Property sheets are ideal for dialogs that collect a large number of variables. Alpha Five property sheets offer advanced features such as categorization of prompts, automatic show/hide of properties based on values in other properties, automatic show/hide of entire categories and HTML help for each property. A genie makes setting up the property sheet very easy.

* Charting. Users can now easily add bar, line, and pie charts to both desktop and web databases applications.

* Credit Card Transactions. Developers can now easily build credit card processing features into applications. Alpha Five can now interface with to provide a secure Internet Protocol (IP) payment gateway service that enable merchants to authorize, settle and manage credit card or electronic check transactions. This feature is available in both desktop and web applications.

* Xbasic Language Enhancements. Hundreds of new methods and functions have been added to Xbasic, Alpha Five's programming language.

Pricing and Availability

Alpha Five Version 7 is available now at Introductory Upgrade prices start at $99. Prices for new users start at $349.

About Alpha Software Inc.

Alpha Software Inc., headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, has been creating relational database applications renowned for their ease-of-use for more than 20 years. The company was founded in 1982 and has in excess of 1 million customers.

For more information, visit or call Phone: 781/229-4500, ext. 22.
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