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Given healthcare organizations reliance on supplemental staffing resources, AtStaff has introduced new ClairVia software, ClairVia eWork, that facilitates rapid access to external staff while optimizing safety standards, quality and cost control of supplemental employees.

By using ClairVia eWork, healthcare organizations and external labor firms interact together to automate the selection, approval, and deployment of qualified, cost-effective supplemental staff, and coordinate billing. ClairVia eWork puts an end to the manual, tedious and time-consuming process of locating, assessing, hiring and paying for external personnel. While highly effective as a standalone product, ClairVia eWork integrates with other ClairVia solutions, which optimize safety standards, quality and cost control of all internal staffing resources, to provide a total, end-to-end solution for automating "time to fill" of all staffing needs -- whether they're from internal or external sources.

"Industry trends forecast a continued shortage of full-time employees, particularly in nursing, and research indicates that supplemental staffing is becoming an essential healthcare strategy," said Beth Pickard, president and CEO at AtStaff. "However, finding qualified, cost-efficient supplemental staff to meet urgent patient care requirements can be highly challenging. ClairVia eWork provides a best-practice, totally automated solution to help healthcare organizations efficiently obtain and manage the highest quality external staff at the lowest cost.

"For our existing ClairVia customers, ClairVia eWork closes the loop in providing total patient demand management, Pickard said. "It operates in concert with ClairVia Demand Manager (for continuous demand management and prediction) and ClairVia Staff Manager (for advanced staff management, allocation and deployment) to deliver a comprehensive "decision tree" for aligning the right internal and supplemental resources."

Benefits of ClairVia eWork include: Automated position requisition for prompt access to qualified personnel for manager review Control over licensure, competencies and experience levels of supplemental personnel

Fast turnaround on candidate selection, approval and deployment

Cost savings through precise invoicing, volume discounts and early payment incentives

Complete vendor management and accurate, consistent contract compliance

Comprehensive tracking, audit control and reporting, resulting in reduced billing errors

Improved accuracy of supplemental staffing expenditures for short- and long-term budgeting

Time savings during reconciliation in comparing invoices to actual worked hours

Improved assessment of labor firm performance and turnaround times

Greater efficiency, convenience and service for hiring and payroll managers Industry trends and research on supplemental nurse staffing support the use of ClairVia eWork Industry trends forecast a continuation of the nursing shortage, and the scarcity of full-time nursing resources will require healthcare organizations to continue to utilize external supplemental staffing.

The 2007 PricewaterhouseCoopers report on "What Works: Healing the Healthcare Staffing Shortage," suggests that the use of supplemental nurses is no longer a stop-gap measure, but has become an essential component of human resources hospital strategy. Among the 240 hospital executives surveyed across the U.S., on average 5% of the total nursing hours were filled with supplemental nurse staffing, and executives predict this trend will continue in order to sustain operations. The supplemental nurse staffing strategy serves to somewhat offset nursing shortages, resulting in reported nurse vacancy rates of 7-10%. New evidence in staffing management suggests that the widely held negative perceptions regarding supplemental nurses may be unfounded. Aiken and colleagues (2007) examined the characteristics of supplemental nurses as well as the relationships of the supplemental staff to adverse events and nurse outcomes. Using both national and the state of Pennsylvania RN survey data in 2000, it was estimated that 6% of hospital staff were employed by external staffing firms. The supplemental nurses were equally, if not more highly, educated than the permanent staff, and the supplemental nurses were not associated with a negative impact on quality of care or nurse indicators.

Given hospitals' continuing need for supplemental staffing and new evidence suggesting a comparable level of care quality provided by supplemental nurses, healthcare organizations can benefit by utilizing a best-practice approach to managing supplemental staffing through ClairVia eWork.

About AtStaff & ClairVia solutions

Healthcare management software systems from AtStaff serve more than 1,200 healthcare organizations, medical facilities, nursing departments and group practices.

AtStaff's ClairVia staff and demand management solutions for the hospital enterprise marketplace improve quality of care, patient safety and patient throughput by ensuring that patients receive the exact, clinically appropriate level and amount of staffing care from admission to discharge. AtStaff markets the following ClairVia solutions:

ClairVia Staff Manager

ClairVia Demand Manager

ClairVia Outcomes-Driven Patient Acuity

ClairVia Caregiver Assignment

ClairVia eWork

For more information on AtStaff and its ClairVia solutions, visit or call 919/382-8282, ext. 205.
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