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ALL OPTICAL NETWORKS Inc. Drives Evolution of the Fully Optical Network.

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LA JOLLA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 24, 2001

Convergence of Optical Leaders and Breakthrough Technology

Leads the Industry Into the New World of

Pure Photonic Networks and Chips

Equipped with patented technology, one company's team stands ready to demonstrate to the world the future of optical technology.

"Phenomenal history is being made at ALL OPTICAL NETWORKS," said Nobel Prize winning scientist Dr. Kary Mullis, a member of the company's technical advisory board. "It was like watching the first electrical transistor work -- except that it was OPTICAL! The pioneers of the electronics industry would certainly understand the huge significance of this company's breakthroughs."

After realizing the potential impact of such a revolutionary invention as the photonic transistor, the first phase of ALL OPTICAL NETWORKS' formation was to compile a wish list of the most respected scientists and engineers in the world.

"The list read like a 'who's who' of top optical scientists worldwide, including several Nobel Laureates. Armed with that list and a plan to recruit everyone on it, our mission was clear. We successfully brought together 'the best of the best' into one company and recruited the ALL OPTICAL NETWORKS dream team," said Ralph Bennett, president and chief operations officer.

"The electro-optical devices used in today's fiber optic networks is the primary limitation in network operations. ALL OPTICAL NETWORKS is the only company in the world that has demonstrated that its core technology -- photonic transistors and integrated circuits using holographic technology -- are able to switch light with light at the speed of light, greatly increasing the speed and strength of these networks," said Bennett.

"We will not only revolutionize the optical communications business, but optical logic devices will affect up to 30 percent of the $1.5 trillion per year electronics industry," said Dr. Michael O'Hagan, chief technology officer of ALL OPTICAL NETWORKS. O'Hagan was the leader of Texas Instrument's original DSP chip development project and a member of the U.S. Defense Science Board.

Throughout his 25 years in the industry, Bennett has helped create more than $10 billion in technology communications products. He began his prestigious career at Fairchild and ITT Semiconductors. With that experience, Bennett emerged to become a leading figure in the founding of Mitel Semiconductor (NYSE:MLT) in 1976. In the mid-eighties, he was the original CEO of RSA Security (Nasdaq:RSAS), a leading firm that was first to spot the need for network security. In 1992, he founded PMC-Sierra Inc. (Nasdaq:PMCS), a leading developer of complex high-speed telephony and data networking semiconductor devices. He was an original investor in Fibex Systems (acquired by Cisco Systems in 1999) and worked at an early stage with such high-profile technology companies as AMCC and AMD before retiring to his horse ranch outside of Seattle.

"I thought nothing would ever take me away from my ranch. But, after spending two intensive months with the scientists who developed this technology, I was completely sold," said Bennett. "I wanted to be a part of a technology that would change the state of the industry for the next 30 years, so I packed my bags and headed south!"

Called one of Silicon Valley's "founding fathers of CO-OPETITION," Bennett put together the Saturn Group, comprised of more than 42 corporations, which accelerated the deployment of ATM (Asynchronus Transmission Mode) equipment worldwide.

ALL OPTICAL NETWORK'S strong intellectual portfolio has been developed over the past seven years -- with currently 12 patents and more than 50 patents pending -- securing its position as an industry leader.

"We intend to use this strong intellectual property and our manufacturing expertise to create a greater co-opetition with the semi-conductor industry's biggest players and lead them into the new world of photonic chips," said Bennett.


Based in La Jolla, ALL OPTICAL NETWORKS Inc. provides illuminating innovation to the telecommunications industry and beyond. The company's 40,000 square foot facility features advanced photonic labs for the research and development in optical technology that will drive the communications network infrastructure one step closer to light-based computing. For more information, visit the company's Web site at or call 858/623-5400.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 24, 2001
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