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ALGERIA - Cepsa - Rhourde El-Krouf.

Cepsa in May 1996 became the second foreign oil producer in Algeria, as it brought Rhourde el-Krouf (RKF) field on stream at the rate of 4,000 b/d of light oil, in the Rhourde Yacoub Block (406a). It raised the field's capacity to 20,000 b/d by late 1996 and to 35,000 b/d by 1999. But now it is producing 22,000 b/d due to a fall in reservoir pressure. The field, part of the Ghadames Basin, lies in Erg Oriental near the Tunisian border. It was found in September 1992.

In May 1996 Cepsa revised its estimate of Block 406a's reserves in place to about 500m barrels of 51[degrees] API oil and 150 MCM of gas, of which it said 40% would be recoverable. In 1999, it said the oil in place amounted to 4,000m barrels, of which 1,500m would be recoverable. RKF is in Upper Triassic TAGI sandstone and Carboniferous shale reservoir.

In the same Block 406a Cepsa in early October 1995 found ORD field. ORD-1 flowed at 7,000 b/d. Appraisal well ORD-4, completed in November 1996, confirmed the field had the same reservoir as Berkine East of Anadarko in adjacent block 404a, and MLN field in Menzel Ledjmet Block 405a of Louisiana Land & Exploration (LL&E) which is now owned by Burlington Resources of Houston (see above).

Before the joint reservoir was confirmed, Cepsa had planned to raise its capacity from RKF and ORD fields to 160,000 b/d by late 1997, having estimated the potential of ORD alone at 120,000 b/d. But later agreement was reached for a joint development plan (see Anadarko's operations).

Cepsa has eight oil exploration blocks in 60,000 sq km of the Timimoun Basin under an agreement with Sonatrach, for which it has done geological research and seismic processing. In February 1999 it agreed with Sonatrach to renew a project in the south-west near the border with Morocco. Covering 97,125 sq km, this area is forecast to hold significant gas.

epsa and Sonatrach have a JV building a marine gas pipeline direct from Algeria to the Spanish coast (see Part 3 in next week's Gas Market Trends). Sonatrach and Cepsa have a joint gas marketing venture in Spain (see Part 4 in OMT 8).
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Publication:APS Review Gas Market Trends
Date:Feb 5, 2007
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