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ADL is the UK's leading bus and coach manufacturer, employing around 2,500 people across the globe. ADL has a history and heritage of design, engineering and manufacturing excellence that spans more than a century with facilities and offices in UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand.

As the fastest growing bus and coach builder in Western Europe, it has more than tripled its revenue in the last eight years to more than PS600m in 2016, with an increasing proportion resulting from its expanding international footprint. This growth is attributable to ADL's clear strategic focus - delivering lightweight, fuel efficient vehicles with industryleading reliability, lowest cost of ownership and best-in-class aftermarket support.

Pioneer of both low floor double deck and midi bus concepts, ADL is the only bus manufacturer in the world with a comprehensive range of easy-access, single deck, two-axle and three-axle double decks, manufactured with aluminium bodies. The manufacturer's unique transit solutions are designed to address the challenges facing transport authorities and operators around the globe as rapidly increasing levels of urbanisation place demands on cities to radically rethink their public transport infrastructure in order to reduce congestion, minimise travel times and improve air quality, by deploying reliable, efficient transportation.

ADL produces a wide range of innovative and fuel efficient, low floor single and double deck buses, plus a full portfolio of coaches. Despite its wide product range, ADL is primarily known for its world-leading position with double deck buses. The company is global double deck market leader in various markets including the UK and Hong Kong, as well as forming the backbone of many fleets in international cities across North America, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand.

An on-going multi-million pound investment programme in new product development will bring new technologies to the market which improve environmental performance and benefit the operator. There are various examples of innovation from smart accessories which reduce fuel consumption to low and zero emission powertrain solutions (full electric, hybrid and biogas-fuelled CNG). Together with its partners, ADL introduced Europe's largest fleet of zero emission buses in the second half of 2016.

These 51 full electric buses run in central London, where they save 700 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Bus passengers also benefit from innovation that improves the journey experience. Bespoke options including luxurious interior trims, seat types, mood lighting, Wi-Fi and USB charging points to improve the time spent on board.

ADL's Chief Executive Colin Robertson comments: "We want to create a desire for ownership among bus operators, while remembering that our vehicles are essentially workhorses and cost of ownership is critical. Proven, reliable, consistent vehicles are mandatory, but improved fuel economy is a key lever in driving the operational success of our customers'business. With premium interior spec options, our vehicles deliver an outstanding passenger experience and increase ridership."

The company's approach to customer support is also unrivalled throughout the industry and is at the heart of ADL's continuous growth strategy. With an extensive, global network of fully-trained service professionals, supported by engineering experts from its UK plants, the aftersales model is tailored to specific customer and market needs. A flexible, agile manufacturing footprint and build alliances meet market, legislation and customer requirements, ranging from CKD kit assembly to body assembly and full chassis facilities around the globe from North America to the Asia Pacific region.

ADL looks forward to further sustainable growth at home and abroad over the next years, and will continue to address the demands of its multiple stakeholders - operators, passengers, city dwellers and the wider environment - to make this happen.


Colin Robertson, CEO. Above: ADL's range of single and double deck
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