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ALEX REID'S NEW LADY; He's hardly Britain's most eligible bachelor, but somehow, there's another woman in his life.

Alex Reid, 37, was propelled into Z-list status when he entered the Big Brother house in 2010 as 'Katie Price's new squeeze' and won the show. After that he married Pricey in Vegas, she obviously divorced him, he started dating Chantelle Houghton, they had a baby and a lot of magzines deals together. The pair split and since then we've been haunted by stories of sex dungeons, cross-dressing alter egos and vodka bottles going where they shouldn't. Weirdly, someone still thinks Alex/ Roxanne is a catch. Step forward Nikki Manashe Personal trainer Nikki met Alex at the gym and the pair have been inseparable since their first date two months ago. Recently Alex tweeted, 'OK guys it's official. I love @fitnessbird.' (That's Nikki by the way.) Wow, Alex you romantic devil. Nikki describes herself as 'camera shy' (these sloppy dinner date pictures suggest she was fibbing) and Alex has described her as 'a natural beauty'. We all know that's what he usually goes for.

He also gushed, 'She's normal but she isn't normal - she's incredible! And she can cook and sew. The only other woman I know who does things like that is my mum.' Is that a little dig at the Pricey there, Alex? Smooth.

Still keen for a headline or two, Chantelle went on to publicly warn Nikki about her ex, stating she wouldn't be so keen when she meets Alex's female alter ego Roxanne. Alex claims Roxanne has been binned. Again, we think someone's probably fibbing. There is no end to weirdness in Mr Reid's life, we mean, is it not strange that his new love looks like a lady version of his female alter ego? It's playing with our heads. But like we said, it's Alex Reid. Anything can happen in this man's bizarre world ALEX THE GRATE He married and divorced KP (top left) even before we'd worked out what a cage fighter did. Then Al got Chantelle (left) pregnant, but reportedly dragged his alter ego Roxanne (right) back out of the sex dungeon while Chan was eight months preg.


'Choo choo, here comes the train'

Loved-up puckers

Words: Emma Jones. Pictures: Splash
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 2, 2013
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