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 SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- At Seybold today, Aldus Corp. (NASDAQ: ALDC) announced a new library of Gallery Effects image- enhancement effects for the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows -- Gallery Effects: Classic Art, Volume 3. Developed by Aldus' Consumer Division, the Gallery Effects collection is designed to let users automatically add visual impact to printed and electronic documents.
 New Melange of Painting and Special Effects
 Consistent with the previous volumes, Aldus Gallery Effects: Classic Art, Volume 3 will supply a well-balanced collection of filters that automatically transform scanned photographs and other bitmapped images into dramatic artwork. Volume 3 showcases several classic painting and drawing methods: the Sumi-e effect replicates an ancient Japanese brush-painting technique; and Ink Outlines is a fast, scribbled drawing style. Effects such as Cutout, Plaster, and Plastic Wrap quickly create distinctive visuals that would be difficult to produce any other way. The 16 new plug-in filters will be Conte Crayon, Crosshatch, Cutout, Glass, Halftone Screen, Ink Outlines, Neon Glow, Paint Daubs, Plaster, Plastic Wrap, Reticulation, Sponge, Stained Glass, Sumi-e, Torn Edges, and Water Paper.
 Each effect can be applied singly or in concert with other effects. Users will be able to apply effects to an entire image or selected areas, building effects on top of others. All effects will provide a preview and can be customized for dozens of variations. These settings can also be saved for future use on other images.
 "The Gallery Effects family has been noted for its elegant simplicity in achieving artistic results reliably and consistently," said product manager Maurice Rizzuto. "Volume 3 will retain this well- designed interface and will give graphic artists more time-saving effects to create eye-catching, unique artwork."
 All effects will be available as plug-in filters that users can apply either from within the accompanying Gallery Effects 1.5 application or can integrate into a host program, such as Aldus PhotoStyler, Aldus SuperPaint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Fractal Design Painter, and other programs that use Photoshop- or PhotoStyler- compatible plug-in filters. The plug-ins will augment the host programs by providing convenient access to these powerful image-enhancement capabilities.
 Pricing, Availability, and System Configuration
 Both platform versions of Aldus Gallery Effects: Classic Art, Volume 3 will be available within 30 days through Aldus resellers in the United States and Canada for a suggested retail price of $199 (U.S.).
 For the Macintosh, the recommended system configuration is a Macintosh II series, Macintosh LC, or SE/30 computer with a color monitor and card; 4MB of RAM (2MB min.); a hard drive; System 6.0.5 or later; Finder 6.1 or later; and 32-bit QuickDraw 1.2. Gallery Effects is compatible with System 7.0.
 Under Windows, Gallery Effects requires Microsoft Windows 3.1 (or later) and Windows 3.1-compatible hardware. The recommended system configuration is a 486- or 386-based Windows-compatible computer with 4MB of RAM, an 80MB hard drive, a 16- or 24-bit graphics card and monitor, and a mouse or other pointing device. The minimum system configuration is a 386-based Windows-compatible computer with 2MB of RAM, a 20MB hard drive, any Windows-compatible graphics display card and monitor, and a mouse.
 When the effects are used as plug-ins from within other programs, the system configuration is determined by the host program. Aldus Corp. creates computer software solutions that help people throughout the world effectively communicate information and ideas. The company distributes its products through an international network of more than 16,000 dealers and distributors.
 /NOTE TO EDITORS: Aldus, the Aldus logo, PageMaker, and SuperPaint are registered trademarks, and Gallery Effects is a trademark of Aldus Corp. PhotoStyler is a registered trademark of U-Lead Systems Inc. licensed to Aldus Corp. Other product and corporate names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of other companies and are used only for explanation and to the owners' benefit, without intent to infringe./
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 /CONTACT: Kathy Episcopo, Aldus Consumer Division, 619-558-6000, ext. 5302/

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