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 BOSTON, Aug. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- At Macworld today, Aldus Corp.'s (NASDAQ: ALDC) consumer division announced Aldus IntelliDraw 2.0 for the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows, an upgrade to its cross-platform drawing program that includes built-in "smarts." Already an award winner, IntelliDraw provides an affordable and remarkably high-powered drawing solution to help users create and refine the graphics they need every day.
 First released in June 1992, IntelliDraw is the first drawing program to truly save people time and effort as they draw and rework their ideas and projects. This is because IntelliDraw seamlessly keeps objects aligned, distributed and connected in whatever ways the users want, even as the objects are moved or otherwise manipulated. This unique approach expedites the revision stage of drawing, an important phase that is overlooked by all other graphics programs.
 IntelliDraw is designed for use by the typical professional who doesn't illustrate for a living, such as business, technical, education and administrative professionals. With it, these users can produce space plans, technical diagrams, business or engineering graphics, architectural renderings, flow charts, org charts, project plans, logos, maps, forms, presentations and much more.
 The enhancements to version 2.0 will fall into three major categories: new drag-and-drop templates, expanded file support and connectivity, and responses to user requests, including new special effects for objects and text.
 Fast Drag-and-Drop Templates
 The biggest time saver in IntelliDraw 2.0 will be its IDRAW templates feature, which will offer drag-and-drop use of ready-to-go graphics. Customers will be able to browse through predesigned, project-based collections of graphics and drag whatever they need directly into their drawings. Because many template items will have special properties and controls already built into them, users will save time and effort right from the start; just a few clicks and simple edits will customize them for any use. Customers will also be able to use drag-and-drop copying to create templates of their own graphics for later use.
 "Version 2.0 will be especially valuable to users who require graphics on a daily basis but aren't necessarily skilled or `artistically inclined' enough to draw them from scratch themselves," said Kevin LaRue, product marketing manager. "The new IDRAW Templates will give people ready-made solutions so they can start and finish their work faster, with minimal effort."
 Many of IntelliDraw's already extensive template collections will be expanded, including the categories of Space and Landscape Planning, Flow/Org/Network Charting, Presentations/Layouts and Project Planning. A new set called Cool Art will include playful, stylized graphics of animals, food, accents, backgrounds and other subjects.
 Improved Import, Export and Connectivity
 Each version of IntelliDraw 2.0 will support several new file formats and be able to utilize the graphics import filters that come with Aldus PageMaker 5.0 for the same platform.
 In addition to the filters already included with IntelliDraw 1.0, the Macintosh version of 2.0 will provide import and export filters for Illustrator 1.1 & 88, DXF and CGM files. It will also include import- only filters for KODAK Photo CD, MacDraw, MacDraw II, PCX, TWAIN and Windows Metafile formats.
 Under Windows, IntelliDraw 2.0 will add filters for importing and exporting files in Illustrator 1.1 & 88, DXF, CGM, TIFF and BMP formats. It will also include import-only filters for CorelDRAW 3.0, GEM, KODAK Photo CD, Micrografx Draw, TWAIN and WordPerfect Graphic formats.
 Connectivity enhancements for version 2.0 on the Macintosh will include full OLE support as both client and server (already in version 1.0 for Windows), plus compatibility with Aldus Fetch. Although IntelliDraw will offer its own preview when opening files, this Fetch support will let customers browse and search through all their IntelliDraw files at once, as well as add keywords and descriptions.
 Both versions of IntelliDraw 2.0 will import and play back QuickTime movies. On the Macintosh, users will be able to record QuickTime movies from IntelliDraw animations as well.
 Other User-Requested Features
 IntelliDraw 2.0 will fulfill many requests for expanded tools and capabilities. New special effects such as Perspective and Envelope Warping, for example, will apply realistic perspective and arbitrary bending and twisting to drawn graphics or text. A Polymorph Shape command will let users "tune" or adjust smoothly through the infinite intermediate shapes and colors between two or more key shapes. This powerful feature can let one graphic do the work of thousands. For example, one can create a country scene with a sky that shifts colors, and shadows that lengthen, from dawn to dusk.
 Interactive control over objects has also been extended to include area calculation as well as a new Attribute Control Palette that will help users monitor and change the size, position, rotation, fill, and line attributes of any object. Version 2.0 will also have extensive typographical controls, including a spelling checker, hyphenation, and a one-step method for putting text on a curve and controlling its settings. Moreover, customers will now be able to create their own patterned fills from objects or bitmaps, useful for covering large areas in seamlessly repeating patterns.
 IntelliDraw 2.0 will show marked performance improvements in areas such as dragging, text and object redraw, dialog box management, launching, and quitting. Object Greeking, similar to text greeking, will display complex drawings up to 16 times faster in distant views.
 System Requirements
 The recommended system for Aldus IntelliDraw 2.0 for the Macintosh is an Apple Macintosh SE/30 or greater computer, System 7.0 or later, 4MB of RAM (required to run System 7.0), a hard disk, and Adobe Type Manager 2.0 or later. The minimum configuration is a Macintosh Plus or greater, System 6.0.5 or higher, 4MB of RAM, and a hard disk.
 The recommended system for IntelliDraw 2.0 for Windows is a 386- or 486-based DOS-compatible computer, Windows 3.1 or later, 6MB of RAM, a hard disk, a VGA or better graphics adapter card and a mouse. The minimum configuration is a 386-based DOS-compatible computer, Windows 3.1 or later, 4MB of RAM, a hard disk, a VGA card and a mouse.
 Pricing and Availability
 The Macintosh and Windows versions of Aldus IntelliDraw 2.0 will be available in the fourth quarter of 1993 through Aldus resellers in the U.S. for the new suggested retail price of $199 (U.S.) each, reduced from $299. Localized versions for Canada, Europe and Pacific Rim markets will be announced later. For more information, customers can contact Aldus Consumer Division at 619-558-6000.
 Registered owners of IntelliDraw 1.0 can purchase the upgrade to version 2.0 for $49.95. Customers who purchased IntelliDraw after Aug. 2, 1993, are eligible to receive a free upgrade to version 2.0, if they return their product registration card and the dated proof of purchase.
 Aldus Corp. creates computer software solutions that help people throughout the world effectively communicate information and ideas. The company focuses on three lines of business: applications for the professional publishing and prepress markets; applications for the general consumer market; and service and support programs for professional end-users. Aldus has subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim serving a worldwide network of dealers and distributors.
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 /CONTACT: Kathy Episcopo of Aldus Consumer Division, 619-558-6000, ext. 5302/

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