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 SEATTLE, Aug. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Aldus Corp. (NASDAQ: ALDC) today announced Aldus Fetch 1.2, an upgrade to its multiuser, mixed-media database program for cataloging, browsing through and retrieving digitized media on the Apple Macintosh. New capabilities in Fetch 1.2 include increase catalog capacity, improved network capabilities, expanded file compatibility, and an enhanced database engine.
 In version 1.2, Fetch overcomes the previous 32,000-item limit on catalogs and now allows more than 100,000 items per catalog, Fetch 1.2 also provides increased networking capabilities for simultaneous access to a catalog by as many as 50 users.
 "Our new version of Fetch is designed to be more appealing to users in professional production and corporate workgroup environments. The product also works great on the new Apple Workgroup servers," said Steve Hawley, senior product marketing manager for Fetch. "Fetch 1.2 addresses many of the requests our users have made. It is much more efficient and will have a great impact."
 For the new version of Fetch, Sierra Software Innovations developed an enhanced multiuser relational database engine, called Inside Out II, that makes the program faster than version 1.0. Search times will be up to 300 percent faster, and catalog-building times will be much shorter.
 Fetch 1.2 provides improved integration with other Aldus products, including Aldus FreeHand and Aldus Persuasion, and the Library palette in Aldus PageMaker 5.0. The new version also includes Image Integrator, a freeware module that connects Fetch with QuarkXPress for image placement.
 In addition, Storm Technology's newly enhanced JPEG decompression module has been incorporated into the new version of Fetch to give users who desire the highest quality image decompression a more efficient use of memory. Fetch now also offers users greatly accelerated JPEG decompression automatically if their computer has a SuperMac Technology (ThunderStorm or Thunder II) or DayStar Digital (Charger) DSP "Adobe- Charged" Photoshop acceleration board.
 The new version of Fetch also provides built-in support for Apple's Macintosh Easy Open, an architecture that enables customers to extend the range of file types readable by Aldus Fetch. By simply dropping a "translation extension" into their System folder, users can catalog, preview, and print any file type they want, including PC graphics formats and proprietary text file formats. Easy Open extensions for GIF and Targa are supplied with Aldus Fetch 1.2.

 Aldus Fetch 1.2 will be available by the end of September from Aldus dealers in the United States and Canada. Localized versions for the European and Pacific Rim markets will be announced later.
 Registered owners of Aldus Fetch 1.0 can obtain the 1.2 upgrade for free. Aldus Fetch 1.2 has a suggested retail price of $295(US). to purchase the retail version of Aldus Fetch, or to receive an upgrade, customers in the United States and Canada can call Aldus Customer Services at 206-628-2320.

 Aldus Fetch is System 7 savvy but also runs under System 6.0.7 or later. The recommended systems include Apple Macintosh SE/30, PowerBook 145 or higher, II series, LCII or III, Centris, Performa, or Quadra computer; System 7; 5MB of RAM; and a hard drive. The minimum configuration is a Macintosh Classic, SE, or PowerBook 100 computer; System 6.0.7; 4MB of RAM; and a hard drive.
 Aldus Corp. creates computer software solutions that help people throughout the world effectively communicate information and ideas.
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