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 SEATTLE, Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Aldus Corp. (NASDAQ: ALDC) today announced Aldus FreeHand 4.0 for the Apple Macintosh, a major upgrade to its advanced graphic design and illustration software program. New capabilities in Aldus FreeHand 4.0 include enhanced text controls, intuitive color controls, a streamlined user interface, extensive graphic capabilities and multi-page layout functions.
 "The 4.0 Macintosh upgrade is a major milestone in Aldus FreeHand's product development," said Lorene Lee, product marketing manager. "Aldus FreeHand 4.0 promises to be more accessible for users, while at the same time providing even more powerful tools for high-end graphic design and illustration. The new version really aims to provide a complete solution for those in graphic services, graphic trades, and the publishing arena."
 Professional features
 The upgrade features a new customizable user interface that eliminates almost all of the dialog boxes and replaces them with floating palettes. The palettes eliminate the need for users to repeatedly enter dialog boxes, while providing a greater maximization of workspace. For example, Aldus FreeHand's Inspector palette helps users manage text, layout and element attributes. The user interface enhancements are designed to provide an environment that is easy to use by positioning the tools for quicker access.
 Aldus FreeHand 4.0 incorporates into multiple page design a live 56 1/2-inch-square pasteboard. The pasteboard is the first of competing illustration applications to allow users to layout multiple pages in any combination of custom sizes and orientations, as well as move text and objects between pages.
 The new version also allows users to specify columns and rows, gutters and margins, and paragraph controls. These capabilities create a more flexible and efficient process by allowing users to create, combine, review and color separate from a single file.
 Aldus FreeHand 4.0 now allows users to type directly into their design, eliminating the need to use a dialog box for text entry. Users now have the ability to wrap text around or inside objects of any shape, drag and drop tabs right into the design, and engage in professional track kerning. The new version contains a wrapping tab feature unique to any desktop publishing or illustration program. With these increased text controls, users can now use Aldus FreeHand exclusively for graphic- intensive single or multiple page layout.
 In addition, Aldus FreeHand 4.0 now allows users to mix, then drag and drop color from wells in the enhanced Color and Tints palettes right into their design, even into objects that are not selected. With the new drag and drop color interface, creating graduated fills and radial fills is designed to be quick and easy. The new palettes allow for automatic creation of standard tints or custom percentages, and for mixing, defining and naming saved colors.
 Aldus FreeHand 4.0 has increased its graphic capabilities to include path operators for creating objects which previously would have been time consuming. Other increased graphic capabilities include built-in editable arrowheads, a polygon tool for drawing stars and regular polygons, and a calligraphic pen mode with variable nib width and angle. These new graphic capabilities broaden the users graphic horizons, while maintaining precision, control, and user flexibility.
 System configuration
 Aldus FreeHand 4.0 for the Apple Macintosh is System 7 savvy (also runs under System 6.0.7 or later); requires Macintosh-compatible hardware.
 The recommended system configuration for Aldus FreeHand 4.0 for the Apple Macintosh is any Apple Mac IIci series or greater, PowerBook, Quadra, 8MB of RAM, a 120MB hard drive, a mouse or a drawing digitizing tablet with stylus.
 Availability and pricing
 Aldus expects to ship Aldus FreeHand 4.0 for the Apple Macintosh to retailers in the United States and Canada by the end of 1993. Localized versions for other markets will be announced later.
 Aldus FreeHand 4.0 will have a suggested retail price of $595 (U.S.). Registered users of prior versions of Aldus FreeHand will be able to obtain the upgrade for $150. To purchase a retail version of Aldus FreeHand, an upgrade, or to obtain more information, customers can call Aldus Customer Services at 206-628-2320.
 Aldus Corp. creates computer software solutions that help people throughout the world effectively communicate information and ideas. The company focuses on three lines of business: applications for the professional publishing and prepress markets; applications for the general consumer market; and service and support programs for professional end-users. Aldus has subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim serving a worldwide network of dealers and distributors.
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