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Kevin Beairsto -- North American Marketing Win Cooke -- Divisional Vice President Allen Carrier -- Sr. R&D Manager John Cafe -- National Sales Manager Chet Kawa -- Business Director -- International


A leader in advanced polymer chemistry, Alco Chemical is a global supplier of innovative specialty polymers to the household, industrial and institutional markets. Alco works closely with the manufacturers of detergents and cleaning products to create polymers that improve both processing and end-use performance.

Alco manufactures low-molecular-weight polymers thai: are used as dispersants, sequestrants, anti-redeposition aids and co-builders. The high-molecular-weight products serve as viscosifiers and rheology modifiers.

Alco also manufactures antiscalants, textile processing aids and dithiocarbamate products used as microbiocides and metal precipitants in process water and wastewater. A unique line of sulfonated polymers perform as excellent film formers and anti-static agents.


* Liquid-compatible co-builder and anti-redep polymers

* Consumer/Industrial Autodish Polymers

* Anti-dye Transfer Polymers

* Permanent Press / Crease Resistance

* Hypochlorite, Peroxide, and Acid stable Viscosifiers


* Detergents and cleaning products

* Paper Coating * Textiles * Water treatment


* ALCOGUARD[TM] polymers are a recently introduced line of patented chemistries formulated to provide a variety of functional benefits to the detergent, textile, and cleaning industries. These products improve the cleaning, hand, and finish of fabrics (laundry, carpet, upholstery, etc.) and can impart crease resistance and multiwash "permanent press" benefits. They also provide excellent film forming ability to enhance cleaning of hard surfaces and aid in removal of soils and stains.

* ALCOSPERSE[R] polymers find application in liquid and powdered dishwasher detergents, laundry detergents and hard surface cleaners. They act as co-builders, helping the detergents work more effectively by removing hardness ions. They reduce the effect of any cationic reaction with surfactants and serve as anti-redeposition agents for particulate and hydrophobic soils.

* The VERSA-TL[R] line of sulfonated styrene chemistries provide anti-static, film forming and thermal stability characteristics in household products.

* ALCOGUM[R] rheology modifiers thicken, stabilize or change flow properties of aqueous formulated products over a broad pH range. In cleaning formulas, they increase contact time to the surface, allowing for improved and more efficient cleaning.


With comprehensive on-site detergent and cleaning application testing facilities as well as state-of-the-art molecular modeling capabilities, Alco scientists can work with customers to better understand specific performance needs and more accurately predict product benefit in their systems.


South America contact: Mr. Alberto Repila Tel:54-1-381-4406 Fax:54-1-922-1802 Pacific Rim contact: Mr. Watchara Siriritthichai Tel:66-2-312-0530 Fax:66-2-312-0276 Europe contact: Mr. Rob Gunn Tel:41-41-469-6966 Fax:41-41-469-6906 Japan contact: Mr. Hideo Yamada Tel:81-3-3542-7731 Fax:81-3-3542-7794 North America contact: Mr. Richey Howell or Ms. Paula Kilgore Tel:800-251-1080; 423-629-1405 Fax:423-698-8723
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Date:Feb 1, 2001
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