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Alchemedia, a provider of content protection and content-to- commerce solutions for digital images on the Web, has launched Clever Content Creator. Clever Content Creator is a Web-based service enabling Web site owners whose sites are hosted on Internet Service Providers (ISPs), shared servers and community sites to protect digital images. The addition of Clever Content Creator to Alchemedia's product line enables anyone who has digital content on-line to use Clever Content protection technology. All the features of Alchemedia's Clever Content platform, including image protection and Clever Links, will be available with Clever Content Creator.

Alchemedia's Clever Content technology protects images from "Napsterization" (peer-to-peer sharing of digital content), and promotes image-based commerce by preventing copying, printing and screen capturing of images.

"Image protection is crucial for people with digital content posted on the Web," said Albert Porter, professional photographer. "I've been withholding my most valuable images from my site because of the ease with which my work can be taken. With Clever Content Creator, I can protect my work from unauthorized use and gain control of my images."

"As a Web site developer, I find that my clients have a tremendous need for Clever Content Creator," said Joel Spring, Web developer and associate at Comsite International. "Since the introduction of Clever Content image protection software, I've eagerly awaited a solution for smaller companies who are either hosting their sites on my server or on ISPs."

Clever Content is used by organizations such as;; Greenfield Online; The City of Barrie, Canada; Toonscape; Photo District News; Advertising Photographers of America and Candid Color Systems. Clever Content Creator expands the market of users of Clever Content technology, allowing all Web site owners to benefit from the revenue producing capabilities of their Web content while enhancing the quality and viewing experience for their visitors.

"With Clever Content Creator, we are providing image protection solutions for everyone using the World Wide Web -- a longtime Alchemedia goal. Building on the success of Clever Content Server, all content owners can now take advantage of the image-based commerce possibilities offered on the Internet. With close to 3 million Clever Content Viewers installed, Clever Content is rapidly becoming the standard for digital image protection," said Daniel Schreiber, CEO and co-founder of Alchemedia.

Clever Content Platform

Clever Content Server -- Server-based software for companies that administer their own Web servers to protect and control the use of their digital images while enabling multiple revenue streams. The software consists of three elements:

-- Clever Content Server -- image protection software for Windows NT and 2000, Solaris operating systems, installed on the site's host server

-- Clever Content Manager -- a Java-based, remote management tool for Windows-based PCs, used to select which images are to be protected, and to assign attributes such as Clever Links

-- Clever Content Viewer -- a free browser enhancement supporting both Windows and Macintosh browsers, enabling the viewing of Clever Content protected images

Clever Content Creator -- Web-based service at for companies or individuals with Web sites located on shared servers, ISPs or community sites. Images protected with Clever Content Creator are served from Alchemedia servers.

Clever Content Galleries -- A feature on for companies or individuals without a Web site, providing a fee-based venue for storing and protecting up to 50 images.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for Clever Content Creator begins at $25 a month and will be based on the total number of protected images served. Clever Content Creator will begin beta testing in mid-September with general availability in mid-October. The Clever Content Creator service will be available at

About Alchemedia

Alchemedia Technologies, Inc. is the leading provider of content protection and content-to-commerce solutions on the Web. Every day Clever Content protects millions of images and promotes image-based commerce while preventing unauthorized use. By transforming images into valuable ecommerce assets, Alchemedia enables Content Commercialization(SM). Founded in 1998, Alchemedia is a privately held, VC-backed company.

For more information, visit or call 415-864-4652.
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