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MAROON 5 Overexposed Adam Levine's dance-flavoured pop treats follow a safety first approach on this fourth album. Producers Max Martin and Ryan Tedder help gild the lily with beats to bolster the catchy but often anaemic tunes. Still, it's destined to be the summer sound of choice at a clothes shop near you.

MACY GRAY Covered A maverick star who's past her commercial heyday attempts to turn the cover album concept around with this Hal Willnercurated collection. Indie favourites Radiohead and Arcade Fire, plus Kanye West and Nina Simone are among those getting the Macy makeover. Minor cult status awaits.

Treasure trove BEACHWOOD SPARKS The Tarnished Gold Silky as a morning mist over Malibu Bay and full of wonder like shooting stars across the prairie, the alt-country Sparks have been solely missed. Tales of loss and excess help fill in the story of what occurred in the 11 years since their last release as one of finest US bands of their time return to claim their crown. A little treasure.

DALE EARNHARDT JNR. JNR. It's A Corporate World Anyone expecting revolutionary rhetoric and music fit to tear down the walls will be disappointed by the Detroit duo's debut. Ineffectual navel gazing with inconsequential electro shading and lame melodies. Anyone expecting c and wn the inted by but.

ing with tro elodies.

SAINT SAVIOUR Saint Saviour Named after a prostitute's pauper's grave in London, Stockton on Tees girl Becky Jones served time in traditional music and fronting Groove Armada. Cavernous and theatrical synthscapes recalling Kate Bush and Eurythmics provide the backdrop to an often captivating solo debut.


MUCH MISSED: Beachwood Sparks CAPTIVATING: Becky Jones
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 22, 2012
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