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 CONROE, Texas, Aug. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Albara Corp. (NASDAQ Small Cap: ALAB) reported gross revenues for the second quarter of 1993 of $3,389,000 representing a 16 percent decrease compared to the like period in 1992. Sales of the RealTech printers in the first quarter of 1993, decreased from $1,500,000 to $190,000, and accounts for all of the overall revenue decrease. This decrease was caused by premature end-of-life for these products.
 General and administrative expenses for the second quarter increased from $1,097,000 to $2,379,000, a 117 percent increase compared to the like period in 1992. About 65 percent of the increase relates to the $1,195,000 of consolidated marketing costs incurred by the company in the second quarter of 1993 compared to $478,000 in 1992. In addition, 34 percent of the increase is related to increased personnel costs. The company has taken steps to realign marketing and personnel costs as the company adjusts for reduced RealTech printer sales. These realigned costs will take effect in the third quarter of 1993.
 The company posted a net loss for the quarter of $2,031,000 ($1.55 per share) as compared to a net loss of $44,000 (5 cents per share) during the second quarter of 1992. Real Provencher, president said, "A decrease in sales of the RealTech Laser contributed substantially to the decrease in revenues and in conjunction with a general increase in general and administrative expenses resulted in substantial losses for the quarter."
 Recently, one of the company's subsidiaries, Hardware That Fits, has found it increasingly difficult to pay its vendors in a timely fashion. The company has exhausted alternate sources of working capital and creditors are increasingly reluctant to extend trade credit to Hardware That Fits. Certain vendors have placed Hardware That Fits on a C.O.D. basis. These actions have dramatically impacted the ability of Hardware That Fits to purchase inventory and fulfill sales orders. In addition, as previously reported, Hardware That Fits has been vigorously defending itself in litigation with Dataproducts Corp., a former supplier of printer products. The working capital shortfall, coupled with the actions of Dataproducts in its litigation, has resulted in a decision by Hardware That Fits to pursue protection under the U.S. Bankruptcy Laws with a Chapter 11 reorganization. Hardware That Fits expects to complete and file a petition seeking such relief in the near future.
 Albara, through it's two operating subsidiaries, "Hardware That Fits" and "Helix Technologies," develops, publishes and markets computer hardware, software and peripherals for the Apple Macintosh micro computer. Marketing of its products is accomplished via direct response marketing, authorized dealers and value added resellers. Hardware That Fits sells computer hardware peripherals and mass storage products for the Macintosh micro computer via the direct response market. In addition, the company markets its own line of hardware products that includes laser printers, a color printer, a color scanner and both gray scale and color monitors under the "RealTech" tradename. Helix Technologies is a software publisher and currently markets several software products as well as the company's flagship product "Helix Express," a relational database for use on the Apple Macintosh computer. Helix Technology sells software through authorized dealers, distributors and direct to its client base.
 The common stock of Albara is traded under the symbol ALAB on the National Association of Securities Dealers Inc. NASDAQ Small Capital Market.
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Date:Aug 16, 1993

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