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ALACE-sponsored online study groups for Doulas and childbirth educators.

Many of you, especially ALACE Childbirth Educators--certified or in-training--have been using the peer-support Yahoo study group. You may not know that this listserv was begun and is generously moderated, not by ALACE, but by an ALACE member, Candace Blanco of California, who is enrolled in our CBE training program. Her co-moderator is Jennifer Cardinale of New York, a Certified Labor Assistant, and a CBE in training.

Beginning September 1st ALACE will be launching two study groups through Yahoo, one for the Labor Assistant program, and one for the CBE program. Jemma Boyle, the ALACE Membership Coordinator, will be the administrative moderator. The Labor Assistant study group will be co-moderated by Susan Cassel, Director of ALACE's Labor Assistant program, and the CBE study group will be co-moderated by Randi Bigelow, ALACE's Director of Education for the CBE Program.

As we approach the launch date, we will be sending everyone an email to let you know the online addresses of the two study groups and how to join. If you don't have email access, please call us after September 1st and we can give you this information over the phone. We will also make this announcement on the current ALACE Yahoo Study group and again in the October 2006 issue of Special Delivery. Until then, please continue using Candice and Jennifer's study groups. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the ALACE office at info@ or call 888-222-5223.
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Date:Mar 22, 2006
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