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ALACE slogan competition and the winner is....

As you may remember, we announced a slogan competition just about a year ago. At the time we didn't realize that choosing a slogan is a VERY BIG thing. It started because we wanted a "saying" to put on a tee shirt. It led us to thinking about branding and marketing at a level that ALACE, as a grassroots organization, had never thought about before.

The ALACE staff has always been made up of women very passionate about empowering women and transforming birth in North America. However, these passionate women usually have had no specific marketing skills. With funds chronically low at ALACE, it has been difficult (sometimes impossible) to hire professionals with the marketing skills that the staff are lacking so that we can take ALACE to the next level. However, this time the passionate staff (Gina Forbes and Jemma Boyle) didn't let that stop them. Through local networking we ended up working with two very helpful (pro bono) marketing consultants.

We had submissions from over 100 very passionate and creative ALACE members and we had many great entries to choose from. We ended up using the entries as a jumping off point and went through a creative process recommended by Susan Liao, our marketing consultant. It was a very helpful process and the redesign of our website and informational brochures will benefit immensely from the process.

After hours and hours of debate, consultation, collaboration, and creative brainstorming sessions we thought we created a new slogan. However, when we re-read the competition submissions, it had been there all along.

And the winner is.... Sarah Smith, an ALACE-trained Labor Assistant and Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator from Auburn, WA. Our new slogan (see graphically below) is:

Empowering Women, Transforming Birth

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Date:Jun 22, 2006
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