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 RICHMOND, Va., July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- James River Corporation, (NYSE: JR), and CRSS Capital, Inc., a majority owned subsidiary of CRSS Inc., (NYSE: CRX), today dedicated their Naheola Cogeneration Limited Partnership's chemical recovery and cogeneration facility. Governor Fulsom sent his congratulations to the two companies and said that the Naheola mill and pulp and paper industry play a significant role in the economy of Alabama and the southeastern United States.
 "Alabama's pulp and paper companies and mills are keeping Alabamians working. They employ more than 21,000 people and provide nearly $825 million in annual wages. Pulp and paper mills spend $6 million per day or about $2.2 billion per year for services, supplies, and equipment," Governor Fulsom said. "We are proud of the confidence that James River Corporation and CRSS Capital are showing in Alabama's business climate by making this investment and wish them continued success."
 The $300 million facility is located at James River's Naheola mill in Pennington, Alabama. The Naheola mill is an integrated pulp and paper mill which produces in excess of 1,250 tons per day of bleached kraft pulp. The kraft pulp is used to manufacture towel and tissue products and bleached paperboard at Naheola and other James River mills. The new facility provides integrated energy services to the Naheola mill. These services include the processing of black liquor solids as well as providing the mill with process steam, compressed air, and a portion of its electrical power.
 The facility consists of a newly constructed 5.4 million pound per day chemical recovery unit, evaporation system, and turbine generator set. In addition, Naheola Cogeneration Limited Partnership (NCLP) assumed control of existing mill energy production equipment which included steam generators, turbine generator sets, air compressors, and the associated steam, air, and electrical distribution systems. During the construction phase of the chemical recovery unit, the existing equipment was upgraded to improve process efficiency and lower energy costs.
 James River and CRSS Capital each own a 50 percent interest in the project. Robert C. Williams, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of James River Corporation, said, "This new state-of-the-art facility at Naheola will result in higher quality products at lower cost, conservation of wood resources, improved environmental conditions, safer operations, and more secure employment in the years ahead. Continued operating excellence is essential to achieving these potentials."
 James T. Stewart, President and Chief Executive Officer of CRSS Capital, said, "This is CRSS Capital's second operational industrial energy investment in the pulp and paper industry. We are extremely proud of our partnership's accomplishments at the Naheola mill. Together with James River's excellent project team, we were able to develop and deliver one of the world's largest chemical recovery units under budget and four months ahead of schedule. This tremendously successful project is making a high quality, low cost tissue and bleached board mill even more competitive." In addition, Mr. Stewart indicated that "NCLP anticipates that it will realize significant operating earnings from the project this fiscal year."
 James River Corporation, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, is a marketer and manufacturer of consumer products, food and consumer packaging, and communications papers. These product lines include brands such as Quilted Northern bathroom tissue, Brawny paper towels, Dixie cups and plates, Eureka! recycled copy paper, Quilt-Rap sandwich wrap, and Qwik Crisp microwave packaging. For the year which ended on December 27, 1992, the company had sales of $4.7 billion.
 Houston-based CRSS Inc., with its 81 percent ownership in CRSS Capital, is one of the nation's largest independent energy producers. CRSS Capital, Inc. currently oversees investments in energy assets representing in excess of $825 million, producing 1,340 megawatts of energy for utility and industrial customers. Through its subsidiaries, CRSS is one of the largest design and construction services companies in the United States.
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 /CONTACT: Celeste Gunter, James River, 804-649-4307, or Bill Gardiner, CRSS, Inc., 713-552-2160/

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Date:Jul 28, 1993
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