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AJ Contracting selected for convention renovations.

Mayor David N. Dinkins announced that the City's Economic Development Corporation selected AJ Contracting Corporation, Inc., a New York City-based general contractor, to prepare the interior of Madison Square Garden for this summer's Democratic National Convention. The firm will be responsible for constructing the convention's podium, bandstand, seating areas for 4,992 delegates and guests, and work areas for 15,000 reporters expected to cover the Convention. Preparing the Garden for the Convention is expected to cost approximately $6 million.

AJ Contracting was selected by the Economic Development Corporation following a competitive process which solicited bids from more than 400 firms. The Economic Development Corporation will work with the contractor to maximize participation by minority and women-owned subcontractors.

The scope of work to be undertaken by AJ Contracting covers everything from installing a raised floor to providing special trusses for lighting. It must also provide and install supplemental electrical services, electronic equipment including teleprompters, video projection systems and security systems as well as coordinating the installation of special sound systems.

Other responsibilities include providing and installing rigging for support trusses for lighting and other equipment, a bandstand platform, floor decking over concealed telephone and electric lines, seating risers, seating and carpeting, additional air conditioning units and coordination of all other onsite construction activities such as telephone, audio/sound and media-related contractors.
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Title Annotation:Democratic National Convention to be held in Madison Square Garden
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Apr 8, 1992
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