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 NEW YORK, Jan. 17 /PRNewswire/ AIRONET Wireless Communications, Inc., a leading provider of wireless networking solutions, today announced full support for the multi-vendor IEEE 802.11 MAC layer proposal. The current MAC layer proposal received support by 75% of the IEEE 802.11 member companies but still will require enhancements and additions before providing the interoperable standard demanded by wireless networking customers.
 The proposal submitted to the IEEE 802.11 committee is the result of a large number of competing companies working to perpetuate wireless interoperability and is not the selection or validation of a single company's proposal or product. It is AIRONET's feeling that the industry will benefit by the upcoming interoperability between wireless LAN products. Once the MAC has been standardized, all companies will be required to modify their existing products in order to be compliant. AIRONET is confident that it is well positioned to meet the upcoming IEEE 802.11 standards.
 "The IEEE 802.11 specification will allow the wireless networking market to live up to its potential by offering users the security of a common standard such as Ethernet. AIRONET feels strongly that our products will provide superior performance in this emerging industry," said Richard Heller, President of AIRONET.
 AIRONET Industry Standardization Position:
 AIRONET will continue to work closely with companies such as NCR Corporation and Proxim to develop truly interoperable standards through the group efforts of the IEEE 802.11 committee. "Proxim supports the IEEE 802.11 goal of establishing industry-wide standards and is committed to working with AIRONET and other vendors to ensure seamless multi-vendor interoperability. As two of the pioneers in the wireless LAN industry, Proxim and AIRONET share a mutual desire to provide market- based experience in developing a final standard in the months ahead," said David C. King, President and CEO of Proxim, Inc., Mountain View, California.
 AIRONET is firmly committed to direct sequence spread spectrum and as such will continue to participate actively in the effort to develop a common, open standard. This will also require efforts to define a 900MHz standard as well as a planned migration to a higher speed.
 AIRONET employees have been active in the IEEE 802.11 committee since its founding and currently co-chairs the DS PHY sub-committee with NCR Corporation, Dayton, Ohio. AIRONET engineers are involved in other wireless standardization efforts such as the IETF forum concerning Mobile IP.
 AIRONET feels that it has already implemented greater than 90% of the proposed IEEE 802.11 MAC in its currently available product.
 AIRONET Background:
 AIRONET's predecessor, Telesystems SLW, Inc., developed and brought to the market the ARLAN(TM) and DATASPAN 2000(TM) family of wireless networking products in the 900MHz and 2.4GHz ISM banks. Telesystems SLW, Inc., was the first commercial vendor to receive formal FCC approval to produce spread spectrum products in 900MHz band in 1988. In 1990, it introduced the first wireless spread spectrum line including an Ethernet bridge as well as ISA and MCA adapters. Furthermore, Telesystems SLW, Inc., holds several patents in the area of wireless networking, including roaming and power management.
 AIRONET spread spectrum portable products have shipped to over 5,000 customers worldwide including Wal-Mart, Andersen Corporation, Target Australia, Saks Fifth Avenue and many other leading edge users of technology. AIRONET products are currently approved for operation in North America, South America, Australia and parts of the EEC in both the 900MHz and 2.4GHz ISM bands.
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 /CONTACT: Richard Heller, president, of AIRONET Wireless Communications, Inc., 216-873-2000 or 800-800-8016; or Thomas Gibson, 216-881-9191, or Joel Goldstein, 216-398-0030, both of the The Gibson Network/

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