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AIR WE GO! AIR WE GO! AIR WE GO!; Thrill-seekers are having a sky-high old time, just hanging around on the wind...

Meet the air devils, a group of wingless, fearless fliers who have found a way to surf the airwaves... literally!

They are blasted aloft at 120mph and then kept there - like table tennis balls in a fairground bingo machine - by a giant turbine.

Once they've got used to the heady feeling of walking on air they can ride the wind on skateboards, swing like trapeze artists or just hang around up there in special flying suits.

The feeling, according to expert fliers, is just like that nightmare feeling of falling and falling - but never (hopefully) landing.

It is not for the nervous but thrill-hungry youngsters are queuing to pay pounds 20 for a few minutes air time at the indoor skydiving school in Las Vegas.

One instructor there, Mary Tortomasi, says: "The sensation of the wind just holding you with its awsome power while you can do anything you want is simply fantastic."

Mary is using the wind tunnel to prepare for her attempt to become the first woman to skateboard out of a plane.

It's intense training but she prefers not to call it a crash course!
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Author:Avino, Anna
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jun 15, 1997
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