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AIR LINE; Music TV host snorts mystery powder on jet full of passengers ( But don't worry.. he says it was only a crushed rennie tablet).


THESE shocking pictures show TV presenter Matthew Pritchard snorting a white powder at 30,000ft - in full view of passengers on a packed holiday jet.

The grinning star of MTV prank show Dirty Sanchez snorts up two lines of powder from his fold-down meal tray... while he and his pals howl with laughter.

A passenger told the Sunday Mirror he was puzzled by Pritchard's behaviour on the 2'-hour flight from Ibiza to London.

But yesterday the presenter, who was also guzzling champagne, insisted he was actually hoovering up a tablet of the crushed-down indigestion remedy Rennie.

Pritchard's extraordinary mid-air antics left travellers on the budgetflight astonished. Some started recording him on their phones, but he carried on regardless.

By the end of the flight Pritchard, 38, who once travelled the globe to find the world's best legal high, was so "out of it" the easyJet plane's crew had to clear the aircraft before trying to move him.

And when they eventually managed to wake him up, one of the first things he did was write about his flight on Twitter.

He tweeted: "Honestly can't believe I haven't got banned from Easyjet and Gatwic. Top flight."

The extraordinary incident unfolded just moments after Pritchard boarded Flight EZY8648 at 9am in Ibiza on September 19.

He'd been there for a week to work on material for a book and a blog he is writing about life on the notorious party island.

Looking like he had just rolled out of a nightclub, Pritchard sat with an attractive brunette believed to be his girlfriend and a male pal and ordered a bottle of champagne as soon as the plane took off.

After downing it from a paper cup, he waited for more champagne to arrive as he laid out white powder on the tray in front of him.

Using a euro note, tattooed Pritchard started snorting it up his nose, tapping his nostrils and laughing as he did so. One passenger rec-orded his antics on his phone. Yesterday, after passing the footage to the Sunday Mirror, he said: "As soon as he got on the plane I looked at my fiance and said 'this guy is going to be trouble'.

"I knew from his TV show he was a bit of hellraiser but I couldn't believe the way he was acting. It was first thing in the morning but he was downing booze and shouting and singing. He was all over his girlfriend, fondling and kissing her.

"Then he unwrapped some powder and started snorting it off the tray. He was so brazen but didn't seem to care who was watching.

"Even when he saw he was being filmed he didn't care." The man said easyJet staff asked him to stop recording when they noticed what was happening. He said: "By the time we landed he was out cold. The crew asked us all to get off the plane before dealing with him."

An easyJet spokesman said: "We are not able to deny or confirm the incident."

Cardiff-born Pritchard, who has built up a cult following around the world thanks to his daredevil stunts on Dirty Sanchez, yesterday claimed he was snorting Rennie and his tweet referred to loud music he had been playing on board.

YSee the shock footage at


Pritchard on his show He wipes his nose after sniffing Pritchard snorts a suspicious substance off his tray table
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 2, 2011
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