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AIL completes B-1B Lancer program ahead of schedule.

The Air Force took a big step toward readying the B-1B for upcoming EW enhancements with a successful Executive Review of the Project Lancer program. The effort, completed by AIL Systems 24 months ahead of schedule, converted early ALQ-161 production systems to a single production base line configuration; completed previously identified Correction of Deficiency (COD) work; and restored CORE Program engineering models to the base line configuration.

AIL produced more than 1,200 line replaceable units (LRUs) over a 13-month period, based on a multimillion dollar contract issued in August 1992. According to Pete Sfameni, B-1B operations consultant at AIL, five early ALQ-161 suites and six CORE configurations will benefit from the Lancer effort. The four high-priority COD improvements will affect the entire ALQ-161 inventory, which includes 96 airplanes.

The Air Force still must acquire additional hardware, including antennas and other LRUs, to complete the ship sets, Sfameni said.

As reported in this month's "Washington Report," an RFP for enhancements to the ALQ-161 system is expected this month. The Project Lancer upgrades will help ensure the Air Force has a fully equipped fleet of B-1Bs carrying the production configuration of the system prior to the onset of the ALQ-161 enhancement program.

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Title Annotation:EC Monitor; AIL Systems Inc.
Author:Hardy, S.
Publication:Journal of Electronic Defense
Date:Nov 1, 1993
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