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AIDS virus: questions of identity.

AIDS virus: Questions of identity

And the winner maybe...human immunodeficiency virus-I (HIV-I). Like everything else about the virus or viruses believed to cause AIDS, naming it has been thorny. The culprit is known variously as LAV-I (lymphadenopathy-associated virus), HTLV-III (human T-lymphotropic virus) and ARV (AIDS-associated retrovirus). At a National Institutes of Health lecture last week in Bethesda, Md., LAV discoverer Luc Montagnier of the Institut Pasteur in Paris said the international committee assigned to come up with the name had settled on HIV-I. Harold Varmus of the University of California at San Francisco, who chairs the committee, would not confirm or deny the comment, saying only that the committee has been deliberating and hopes to publish its consensus soon.

On the topic of identity, in the April 18 SCIENCE Raymond V. Gilden, Robert C. Gallo and their colleagues at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, and Bionetics, Inc., in Kensington, Md., report that they had inadvertently used a picture of a virus grown from material provided by Montagnier's laboratory -- thus, LAV-I -- as an illustration in their initial article describing the HTLV-III virus (SN: 4/28/84, p. 260). They note that the other pictures accompanying the series of reports were all of HTLV-III in culture. Subsequent genetic sequencing of the two viruses has shown that they are very similar (SN: 1/26/85, p. 53).
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Publication:Science News
Date:Apr 26, 1986
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