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AIDS treatment news denialist series.

In our last issue we completed our series of articles, mostly by Bruce Mirken, answering the "AIDS denialist" assertions that HIV is harmless (or does not exist), HIV treatment should be avoided, HIV-related medical tests are inaccurate and useless, etc. Here we have collected the references and links to our articles so that the whole series can be found more easily.

The first article in this series appeared in April 2000, and the last article in December 2001. The first two articles below are deliberately out of sequence, so that our summary of what the series is about can be listed first. The series actually began in the issue before the summary.

As we stated in the summary, "Our concern is not the ideas--we agree that all sorts of ideas should be explored and debated--but rather the direct translation of casual speculation and debating points into the medical care of patients with life-threatening illness."

The series:

"AIDS Denialists: How to Respond," by John S. James, AIDS Treatment News #342, May 5, 2000

"Answering the AIDS Denialists: CD4 (T-Cell) Counts, and Viral Load," by Bruce Mirken, AIDS Treatment News #341

"AIDS Treatment Improves Survival: Answering the 'AIDS Denialists,' by Bruce Mirken, AIDS Treatment News #350

"HIV Treatment and Survival: Easy Language Version," by Bruce Mirken, AIDS Treatment News #354 (This flyer shortens and simplifies the survival article in issue #350. Agencies can reproduce it as an easy-to-read backgrounder for clients.)

"Answering the AIDS Denialists: Is AIDS Real?," by Bruce Mirken, AIDS Treatment News #356

"Viral Load and T-Cell (CD4) Counts: Why They Matter," by Bruce Mirken, AIDS Treatment News #364 (Easy language version of the CD4 and viral load article in issue #341, above.)

"HIV Testing 101 (Part 1 of 2)," by Bruce Mirken, AIDS Treatment News #374

"HIV Testing 101 (Part 2 of 2)," by Bruce Mirken, AIDS Treatment News #375

The following articles are not part of the same series, but are related:

"Treatment Interruption: Experts Sound Cautious Note at San Francisco Forum; Meeting Proceeds Despite Disruption," by Bruce Mirken, AIDS Treatment News #341 (This meeting on treatment interruption was invaded by about a dozen AIDS denialists, resulting in minor injury to a member of the staff of Project Inform, the meeting organizer.)

"Durban Declaration on HIV and AIDS," AIDS Treatment News #346

"Africa: Interview with South African High Court Justice Edwin Cameron," by Bruce Mirken, AIDS Treatment News #368
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Title Annotation:series on dealing with those who believe that AIDS and HIV are harmless
Publication:AIDS Treatment News
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Date:Dec 28, 2001
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