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AIDS Treatment News Will Move to Philadelphia on January 2.

Starting January 2 AIDS Treatment News will publish from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where we will work closely with Philadelphia FIGHT, a well-known AIDS treatment, research, and information organization. I will remain in complete control of the content of this newsletter, and readers will notice little immediate change except for the new address and phone numbers.

This move offers many advantages:

* Philadelphia FIGHT ( is an excellently run organization which includes: the Jonathan Lax Treatment Center, an HIV clinic for persons of all income levels; community-based clinical trials funded by the CPCRA program of the. U.S. National Institutes of Health; Critical Path AIDS Project, an AIDS treatment and computer-access organization founded by Kiyoshi Kuromiya and continuing after his death; the AIDS Library, open to the public at Philadelphia FIGHT and by phone; and project TEACH, which trains peer educators in AIDS treatment information. Working with an" organization with such diverse hands-on AIDS treatment, research, information, and outreach experience can help us develop articles, fact sheets, and other resources which are widely useful.

* From Philadelphia it will be much easier to attend meetings in the Washington, New York, and Baltimore areas--a convenient two-hour train ride with comfortable seating and power for a laptop.

* Working with FIGHT will greatly reduce the overhead of running the AIDS Treatment News office in pathologically expensive San Francisco, enabling me to focus on research and writing instead of paperwork and making ends meet. We have learned that excessive overhead--the cost (in money, time, or other resources) of just getting by--is more destructive than generally realized.

AIDS Treatment News has always had primarily a national focus with some international coverage, and this will continue. We have also included San Francisco area news, because we had more readers there and knew that area better than elsewhere; this too will continue, as we still have many readers and contacts there, and will return several times a year for conferences and other visits. We will also increase our Philadelphia coverage, in coordination with the Critical Path AIDS Project newsletter, which for years has published in-depth Philadelphia information along with national treatment articles. Both newsletters will continue as separate publications.

Our current phone numbers will work through December, then the local (area 415) numbers will have referral messages to the new Philadelphia numbers. We already have a new U.S. toll-free fax (and voicemail) number which will reach us anywhere: 1-800-273-7168; we will keep it at least through the transition. Faxes concerning AIDS Treatment News business should be sent to this number starting now; press releases and other general faxes should be switched to email and sent to Due to the move, we will have shorter office hours during December, but messages can be left any time 24 hours a day.
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Author:James, John S.
Publication:AIDS Treatment News
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Date:Nov 17, 2000
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