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Hepatitis B -a viral infection which attacks the liver causing inflammation. Some people may not realize they have it until it causes problems later in life. In 10pcof cases it can cause cancer or cirrhosis of the liver. It can be contracted through sexual encounters, through sharing needles or during body piercing or tattooing. It can even be contracted through medical or dental treatment in countries which do not have good sterilization systems.Vaccination is available.

Gonorrhoea -one of the oldest sexually transmitted diseases, a bacterial infection, which is very much on the increase in some parts of the world and is becoming more common again in Britain. Can be treated with antibiotics so those who have taken risks should present themselves early at the genito urinary medicine clinic of their local hospital.

Donovanosis -A nasty syphilis-type disease, this used to be confined to the tropics but is now being seen in UK clinics among returning tourists. Can be treated with antibiotics HIV/Aids -a huge problem in India, theFar East and throughout Africa. Unprotected encounters with members of the local population carry a huge risk.

Syphilis -another old STD that is on the increase. Again a bacterial infection,it can lie dormant for a long time. Can be treated with antibiotics.

Chlamydia -a bacterial infection which infects the reproductive organs and can cause infertility in women. Can be treated with antibiotics.

8 Those who have taken risks on holiday, should go to the genito urinary medicine clinic of their local hospital and be completely frank. The sooner a disease is identified and treated, the better the outcome.
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 2, 2003
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