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AICPA technical divisions accepting non-CPA associates.

Non-CPAs employed by CPA firms and meeting other requirements may now join the following American Institute of CPAs technical divisions as "section associates" and attain the same benefits as CPA members:

* Management consulting services (MCS). Formerly named management advisory services, the division provides associates with each new MCS Practice Aid and MCS Special Report. Other benefits include a quarterly newsletter, along with access to a referral service for sharing information and expertise with other MCS members. For more information, call the division at (212) 575-6290.

* Information technology (IT). Associates are entitled to substantial discounts on software and hardware purchases from selected vendors, a quarterly newsletter, technology planning aids and other publications. Additional benefits include a forum to exchange ideas and experiences with peers. For more information, call (212) 575-5393.

* Personal financial planning (PFP). Associates receive, among other benefits, the three-volume PFP Manual and other publications, a bimonthly newsletter, a discounted registration fee to the division's annual technical conference and legislative support. For information, call (800) 966-7379.

* Tax division. The annual Tax Practice Guides and Checklists package and other practice guides and publications are sent to members throughout the year. Additional benefits include the Tax Adviser and the Tax Division Newsletter. Agendas and minutes of selected committees are available, and discounts for selected tax publications also are offered. For information, call (202) 737-6600.

The fees for section associates are $150 for MCS, $165 for IT, $180 for PFP and $150 for the tax division. Associates also will receive subscriptions to the Journal of Accountancy and the CPA Letter. For applications, write to AICPA members administration, 1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York 10036 or call (212) 575-6409. Affiliation will begin as soon as fees are received and will expire on July 31, 1993, at which time section associates can renew their affiliations on an annual basis.
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Title Annotation:membership benefits for associates of CPAs
Publication:Journal of Accountancy
Date:Jun 1, 1992
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