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AICPA Special Committee on Business Reporting formed to enhance business reporting model.

Approved by the Board of Directors in Sept. 2002, the Special Committee on Business Reporting was established with a mission to collaborate with investors, creditors, regulators, management and other stakeholders to improve the quality and transparency of information used for decision making (The CPA Letter, Dec. 2002). Ensuring that the business reporting model continues to protect the public interest and meet the information needs of businesses and other stakeholders, the special committee will examine the fundamental elements of an effective business reporting model--system reliability, financial and non-financial measures, information dissemination, understandable disclosures and corporate accountability.

CPAs from public accounting, business and industry, government, academia and state CPA societies comprise the special committee. Representatives from several external organizations that have a stake in the business reporting model--regulatory bodies, institutional and retail investor groups, financial services industry groups and international standards organizations--also serve on the committee.

For more information about the Special Committee on Business Reporting, contact Andrea Carella, AICPA Director of Research and Innovation, at
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Publication:CPA Letter
Date:May 1, 2003
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