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AHCA affiliated state organizations. (Resources).

Alabama Nursing Home Association

Montgomery, Ala.

Phone: 334-271-6214

Fax: 334-244-6509

Web site:

Alaska State Hospital & Nursing Home Association

Juneau, Alaska

Phone: 907-586-1790

Fax: 907-463-3573

Web site:

Arizona Health Care Association

Phoenix, Ariz.

Phone: 602-265-5331

Fax: 602-265-4401

Web site:

Arkansas Health Care Association

Little Rock, Ark.

Phone: 501-374-4422

Fax: 501-374-1077

Web site:

California Association of Health Facilities

Sacramento, Calif.

Phone: 916-441-6400

Fax: 916-441-6441

Web site:

Colorado Health Care Association

Denver, Colo.

Phone: 303-861-8228

Fax: 303-839-8068

Web site:

Connecticut Association of Health Care Facilities

Connecticut Center for Assisted Living

East Hartford, Conn.

Phone: 860-290-9424

Fax: 860-290-9478

Web site:

Delaware Health Care Facilities Association

Hockessin, Del.

Phone: 302-235-6895

Fax: 302-235-6899

D.C. Health Care Association

Washington, D.C.

Phone: 202-393-5712

Fax: 202-393-7180

Florida Health Care Association

Florida Center for Assisted Living

Tallahassee, Fla.

Phone: 850-224-3907

Fax: 850-681-2075

Web site:

Georgia Nursing Home Association

Stockbridge, Ga.

Phone: 578-289-6555

Fax: 678-289-6400

Web site:

Healthcare Association of Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

Phone: 808-521-8961

Fax: 808-599-2879

Web site:

Idaho Health Care Association

Idaho Center for Assisted Living

Boise, Idaho

Phone: 208-343-9735

Fax: 208-342-6891

Web site: www.ihca-net.rog

Illinois Health Care Association

Springfield, Ill.

Phone: 217-528-6455

Fax: 217-528-0452

Web site:

Indiana Health Care Association

Indiana Center for Assisted Living

Indianapolis, Ind.

Phone: 317-636-6406

Fax: 317-638-3749

Web site:

Iowa Health Care Association

West Des Moines, Iowa

Phone: 515-327-5020

Fax: 515-327-5019

Web site:

Kansas Health Care Association

Topeka, Kan.

Phone: 785-267-6003

Fax: 785-267-0833

Web site:

Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities

Louisville, Ky.

Phone: 502-425-5000

Fax: 502-425-3431

Web site:

Maine Health Care Association

Augusta, Maine

Phone: 207-623-1146

Fax: 207-623-4080

Web site:

Health Facilities Association of Maryland

Columbia, Md.

Phone: 410-792-4390 x114

Fax: 410-792-4617

Web site:

Massachusetts Extended Care Federation

Newton Lower Falls, Mass.

Phone: 617-558-0202

Fax: 617-558-3456

Web site:

Health Care Association of Michigan

Michigan Center for Assisted Living

Lansing, Mich.

Phone: 517-627-1561

Fax: 517-627-3016

Web site:

Care Providers of Minnesota

Bloomington, Minn.

Phone: 952-854-2844

Fax: 952-854-6214

Web site:

Mississippi Health Care Association

Ridgeland, Miss.

Phone: 601-956-3472

Fax: 601-977-0273

Web site:

Missouri Health Care Association

Jefferson City, Mo.

Phone: 573-893-2060

Fax: 573-893-5248

Web site:

Montana Health Care Association

Helena, Mont.

Phone: 406-443-2876

Fax: 406-443-4614

Web site:

Nebraska Health Care Association

Nebraska Center for Assisted Living

Lincoln, Neb.

Phone: 402-435-3551

Fax: 402-435-4829

Web site:

Nevada Health Care Association

Las Vegas, Nev.

Phone: 702-434-2273

Fax: 702-434-3974

New Hampshire Health Care Association

Concord, N.H.

Phone: 603-226-4900

Fax: 603-226-3376

Web site:

New Jersey Association of Health Care Facilities

Hamilton, N.J.

Phone: 609-890-8700

Fax: 609-584-1047

Web site:

New Mexico Health Care Association

New Mexico Center for Assisted Living

Albuquerque, N.M.

Phone: 505-880-1088

Fax: 505-880-1157

Web site:

New York State Health Facilities Association

Albany, N.Y.

Phone: 518-462-4800

Fax: 518-426-4051

Web site:

North Carolina Health Care Facilities Association

Raleigh, N.C.

Phone: 919-782-3827

Fax: 919-787-8418

Web site:

North Dakota Long Term Care Association

Bismarck, N.D.

Phone: 701-222-0660

Fax: 701-223-0977

Web site:

Ohio Health Care Association

Ohio Centers for Assisted Living

Lewis Center, Ohio

Phone: 614-436-4154

Fax: 614-436-0939

Web site:

Oregon Health Care Association

Oregon Center for Assisted Living

Wilsonville, Ore.

Phone: 503-694-6580

Fax: 503-694-6587

Web site:

Pennsylvania Health Care Association

Center for Assisted Living Management

Harrisburg, Pa.

Phone: 717-221-1800

Fax: 717-221-8690

Web site:

Rhode Island Health Care Association

Warwick, R.I.

Phone: 401-732-9333

Fax: 410-739-3103

Web site:

South Carolina Health Care Association

Columbia, S.C.

Phone: 803-772-7511

Fax: 803-772-7943

Web site:

South Dakota Health Care Association

Sioux Falls, S.D.

Phone: 605-339-2071

Fax: 605-339-1354

Web site:

Tennessee Health Care Association

Nashville, Tenn.

Phone: 615-834-6520

Fax: 615-834-2502

Web site:

Texas Health Care Association

Austin, Texas

Phone: 512-458-1257

Fax: 512-467-9575

Web site:

Utah Health Care Association

Salt Lake City, Utah

Phone: 801-994-3390

Fax: 801-994-3394

Web site:

Vermont Health Care Association

Montpelier, Vt.

Phone: 802-229-5700

Fax: 802-223-4826

Virginia Health Care Association

Virginia Center for Assisted Living

Richmond, Va.

Phone: 804-353-9101

Fax: 804-353-3098

Web site:

Washington Health Care Association

Washington Center for Assisted Living

Olympia, Wash.

Phone: 360-352-3304

Fax: 360-754-2412

Web site:

West Virginia Health Care Association

Charleston, W.V.

Phone: 304-346-4575 x207

Fax: 304-342-0519

Web site:

Wisconsin Health Care Association

Madison, Wis.

Phone: 608-257-0125

Fax: 608-257-0025

Web site:

Wyoming Health Care Association

Cheyenne, Wyo.

Phone: 307-635-0178

Fax: 307-635-1911
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