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Aerotech has introduced the AGV-SPO, a new high-performance galvo scanner. It offers a larger field of view than conventional 2D scanners, reduces laser spot distortion, and is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of laser wavelengths thanks to a large variety of mirror surfaces. As a result, the laser scanner is suitable for a wide range of applications, from additive manufacturing to medical devices.

The entrance pupil of the laser beam coincides with the scanner's X and Y deflecting mirrors, increasing the effective numerical aperture of the system. This design immediately increases the field of view for a given focal length and reduces laser spot distortion throughout the working area. With the new galvo scanner, even larger parts can now be processed faster and with improved uniformity.

The AGV-SPO offers a range of mirror coatings and focusing optics to support a variety of commonly-used laser wavelengths and focal lengths. Optional air-cooled mirrors and/or water-cooled motors ensure constant temperature conditions and continuously good work results even with high laser power or highly dynamic motion profiles.

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Title Annotation:CONTROL & GUIDANCE
Publication:Laser Systems Europe
Date:Mar 22, 2019
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