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AGORA SA - Amendment to a material agreement.

Amendment to a material agreement

The Management Board of Agora SA ("Agora") with its registered seat in Warsaw
informs that on, 27 October 2008 Agora signed appropriate documents regarding
increasing the amount up to which bank can enforce the provided securities for
the credit line, increased by the provisions of annex no. 8 entered into on 29
April 2008. The annex increased the amount of the credit line by 300,000,000
PLN, up to 800,000,000 PLN. The documents described above were signed only as a
result of the provisions of the annex to the credit line agreement mentioned
above and that does not mean that the decision regarding drawdown of next
tranche of the credit line was made. Additionally, the annexes entered into in
respect of existing security agreements and documents already in force, some
ordering and updating amendments were introduced.

The documents regarding securities and mentioned above annex no. 8, entered on
29 April 2008, refer to the agreement concerning granting the long-term loan in
the form of credit line up the limit of 500,000,000 PLN, entered into on 5
April 2002 with Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.A. with its registered in Warsaw
("Agreement"). Agora informed in regulatory filing no. RB 9/02 about the
details of the Agreement .


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Date:Oct 27, 2008
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