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HyperRoll, Mountain View, Calif., a leading provider of data aggregation software for business intelligence applications, has introduced HyperRoll 3.0, the latest version of its software. HyperRoll 3.0 features support for a wider range of customer analysis and database environments, including Hyperion Essbase(R), as well as significant performance enhancements such as support for 64-bit computing. Users of OLAP solutions such as Hyperion Essbase and Oracle Express(R) can now leverage HyperRoll to gain lightning-fast access to large data volumes while drastically reducing the need for additional hardware or storage.

HyperRoll's patented aggregation technology works seamlessly within customers' existing OLAP environment to accelerate loading by as much as 100 times and enabling access and analysis of data in unparalleled detail. HyperRoll software is transparent to end users, who do not have to learn a new interface or access a new application. They simply use their existing BI technologies, faster.

Key benefits of HyperRoll 3.0 include the following:

-- Better decision-making: HyperRoll eliminates the lengthy build times previously required to populate OLAP cubes, which in turns opens the door for additions to the data structure, increased dimensionality, and larger data volumes for any analysis. New dimensions can be easily added to HyperRoll, providing customers with a complete view of their business. End-users can also query against the data while the cube is being calculated. These key features translate into faster, more accurate decisions and vastly improved visibility into company performance, financials, and operations.

-- Reduced hardware costs:

HyperRoll's unique aggregation technology dramatically reduces dependency on CPU-intensive functions, which in turn decreases customers' need for additional CPUs. HyperRoll's innovative architecture also immediately reduces the amount of storage needed to support OLAP applications.

-- Reduced maintenance costs:

Since HyperRoll's patented design eliminates the need for multiple cubes, HyperRoll users can avoid much of the building, maintaining, and tuning of these cubes, as well as avoiding the related hardware and consulting expenditures. By decreasing the need to constantly balance resources with performance, HyperRoll reduces the time customers will spend on database maintenance, often by more than 80 percent.

"Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for OLAP products such as Hyperion Essbase and Oracle Express often increase unexpectedly if IT organizations have to buy more servers and disks to meet increased user demand," said Eric Rogge, VP and research director at Ventana Research. "HyperRoll's query performance acceleration technology enables companies to meet increased user demand and data size while minimizing TCO by leveraging their existing hardware investments."

Other key features of HyperRoll 3.0 include the following:

-- Incremental loading of "changed" data: supports incremental refresh of dimension and fact data, enabling real-time data updates.

-- Native access to DB2: connects HyperRoll to DB2 through the CLI protocol.

-- Support for 64-bit computing: enables HyperRoll to be used with 64-bit architectures, enabling larger data sets.

-- Enhanced engine performance: enhances query performance by improving memory and caching algorithms.

"Business analysis and operations should not be bounded by data performance issues. HyperRoll 3.0 represents a key milestone in HyperRoll's evolution, as we continue to deliver on our mission of creating new possibilities for data analysis by removing performance barriers for data analysis," said Rani Cohen, president of HyperRoll. "Beyond the clear benefit of better query performance for improving visibility into company performance, financials and operations, HyperRoll 3.0 customers report immediate and substantial ROI from reductions in CPU and storage requirements."

Dramatic Customer Results

Nortel Networks provides high-performance network infrastructure and technology to service providers, with enterprise customers in more than 150 countries. Nortel uses Oracle Express to aggregate financial data in a process that previously took a minimum of three hours, or 180 minutes. Using HyperRoll, the same data is fully aggregated in five minutes and ready for reporting in less than one minute. As a result, Nortel has freed up considerable server resources for other applications, reduced storage space by more than 90%, and has seen a dramatic increase in end-user efficiency.

Scandinavian Airline Systems (SAS) is the leading airline in Scandinavia. SAS is using Oracle Express OFA for ad-hoc financial reporting, forecasting, and budgeting, among other types of analysis. Before implementing HyperRoll, SAS' Profit & Loss reporting and budgeting took more than thirteen hours, which led to unacceptable delays in financial reporting. Using HyperRoll, SAS was able to reduce Profit & Loss reporting and budgeting down to just ten minutes. SAS now has timely access to its financial data and has also reduced time spent on database maintenance and fine-tuning.

About HyperRoll, Inc.

HyperRoll provides data aggregation software that delivers immediate and substantial improvements in business intelligence application performance, accelerating data access and analysis for users of OLAP applications. Using HyperRoll, Global 2000 organizations get more value out of their existing BI investments while immediately reducing hardware, storage and manpower costs. Customers include industry-leading organizations such as Nortel Networks, Kellogg's, MasterCard, Scandinavian Airlines, Deutsche Bank, and GE Financial Assurance. HyperRoll has worldwide headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.

For more information, call 650/962-2588 or visit
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