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AGC Chemicals Americas Inc.

AGC Chemicals Americas Inc. has introduced three Fluon[R] ETFE compounds that are reinforced with proprietary conductive, strengthening, and reinforcing fillers to better tolerate extreme temperatures, pressures, harsh chemicals, and volatile weather conditions.

Fluon ETFE is a melt-processable copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and ethylene for a variety of applications, including wire and cable coatings; semiconductor and electronic components; valves, fittings and pump housings; and tubing and pipe.

To optimize chemical resistance, Fluon ETFE is reinforced with compatible fibers that allow cables to withstand higher environmental temperatures and severe chemical conditions. The fiber reinforcement enables cables processed with the compound to deliver superior performance in continuous insertion/extraction operations, the company says.

To improve flexibility, Fluon ETFE is compounded with fillers that dissipate the electrical charges that accumulate within the cable construction during operation. This compound is formulated to optimize the flexibility of cable constructions so there's less cracking due to spooling and other motions of the cable. This compound exhibits excellent flow behavior and adhesion during cable manufacturing and can be applied efficiently in intricate cable constructions, the company adds, especially when it's critical to minimize gas migration.

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Publication:Plastics Engineering
Date:Jan 1, 2016
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