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AG Group, Inc., Walnut Creek, Calif., has introduced NetSense ProAnalyst 3.0, an award-winning 32-bit Windows 95/98 and Windows NT application that provides a wealth of information from packets contained in EtherPeek and TokenPeek trace files, and ProConvert, an application that converts packet capture files to and from the "Peeks" and a wide variety of analyzers.

NetSense and ProConvert, developed by Net3 Group, Inc. of St.

Paul, Minnesota, complement AG Group's EtherPeek and TokenPeek software by extending the programs' core functionality.

NetSense ProAnalyst NetSense is a comprehensive Windows(R) 95/98/NT application that performs expert analysis of peer-to-peer conversations in packets captured from EtherPeek and TokenPeek. The most critical information from each packet is extracted and displayed in several different formats, empowering the network analyst to view trace files in a highly graphical and interactive fashion.

Clients and Servers are automatically filtered and sorted, providing true generic client/server expert diagnosis capability for virtually any request/response protocol running on top of IPX and IP.

Critical statistics such as average response time and throughput, as well as common problems such as transport retransmissions, local routing (packets that go in, then back out the same router port), slow response time, low throughput, busy network or server, and inefficient client are summarized in an easy to read table.

By sorting on a column such as transport retransmissions or slow response time, you can get "Top 10" worst or best performing applications from your trace file. All data can be extracted for custom report generation in a Windows application. Expert collision analysis or MAC error analysis is also available.

NetSense also has the industry's first and only PacketVisualizer(TM), a tool that provides you with unique insight into protocol operation by displaying packets in a spatial fashion, allowing you to easily see packet sizes and the delay between them.

For even more in-depth analysis, a "What If" feature uses a packet trace from EtherPeek or TokenPeek as a baseline and allows you to predict application load and response times under varying conditions such as a different bandwidth (LAN or WAN), a more optimal send-to-receive packet ratio, different packet sizes, less latency, etc.

ProConvert Packet File Conversion With ProConvert(TM), your traces can now be fully converted to and from both EtherPeek and TokenPeek formats from over a dozen other protocol analyzers. Both Ethernet format and Token Ring topologies are supported in a single program. ProConvert converts packet capture files to and from a wide variety of analyzers, including LANalyzer, Sniffer, Microsoft NetMON, Intel's NetSight and NetDesk, Triticom's LANdecoder, HP's Internet Advisor, and more.

Realize more from your EtherPeek and TokenPeek investment by leveraging cross-platform analyzers, including Sniffer(R)

compressed formats.

EtherPeek/TokenPeek Protocol and Network Analyzers Available for Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0, EtherPeek and TokenPeek set the industry standard for ease of use, while offering the superior diagnostic and analysis capabilities of hardware-based analyzers at a fraction of the cost.

Key features of EtherPeek and TokenPeek include an intuitive user interface designed to de-mystify the complex tasks involved in troubleshooting mixed-platform, multi-protocol networks, high-performance drivers for enhanced packet capture, Summary Statistics for monitoring key traffic elements at relevant intervals, Plug-ins for expert packet analysis (including analysis of IP and security-related network issues), powerful decoding with support for all major protocol suites (including IP, AppleTalk, NetWare, SMB, OSI/TARP, more), ProtoSpecs(TM) for fine delineation of protocol type, name for MAC Address translation, a Tool Menu for access to external utilities, real-time and post-capture packet filtering, a simple "Make Filter" command, real-time utilization statistics, and more.

Availability, System Requirements, Training & Pricing EtherPeek, TokenPeek, NetSense and ProConvert are all available now through AG Group.

EtherPeek SRP: U.S. $995 TokenPeek SRP: U.S. $595 NetSense for EtherPeek/TokenPeek SRP: U.S. $495 (a)

ProConvert for EtherPeek/TokenPeek SRP: U.S. $295 (a) Special Introductory Price for 90 days from date of release. Price will then go up to SRP U.S. $595.

EtherPeek/TokenPeek Suggested System Requirements:

Pentium 133 or better running Windows 95/98 or NT4.0 16 MB of RAM recommended NDIS3 Compatible 10/100 Network Interface Card that support promiscuous mode capture and error statistics processing NetSense/ProConvert Systems Requirements:

Any Windows 95/98 or NT4.0 platform 2MB RAM of available hard disk space About Net3 Group, Inc.

Net3 Group develops innovative network diagnostic products that enhance the productivity of network professionals.

Founder, J. Scott Haugdahl, has over 15 years of industry experience including "in the trenches" troubleshooting of networking problems in Fortune 1000 companies, teaching analysis skills to network professionals world-wide, writing on network related topics, and speaking at national trade shows. For more information on the company and its products, check the company's Web site at

About AG Group, Inc.

AG Group specializes in the development of powerful and cost-effective software-based tools to troubleshoot, optimize and maintain mixed-platform, multi-protocol network environments. Our goal of bringing superior technology, accessibility, value and flexibility to the ever-expanding realm of network management incorporates both software and service products.

Currently, AG Group offerings include network protocol analyzers, LAN/WAN traffic monitors, and internet utilities, as well as network management training and consulting services.

For more information, call 925/937-7900 ext. 19.
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