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AFSCME-Harvard University.

AFSCME--Harvard University

After winning a May 1988 representation election in an organizing drive that traces back to 1972, the State, County and Municipal Employees in June 1989 negotiated an initial contract for 3,500 office, laboratory, and library employees of Harvard University.

According to the union, wages will increase an average of 32 percent over the 3-year term, a result of general increases, merit increases, and length-of-service increases.

Other provisions include: * Improved family care benefits, such

as a $40,000 a year scholarship

fund, a new child care center, 8

weeks time off at 70 percent of

salary for mothers after giving birth

and 1 week at full salary for fathers

and adoptive parents. (Eighty

percent of the employees in the unit are

women.) * Union-management problem-solving

and health and safety committees

in each area of the university. * Stronger affirmative action

requirements. * A joint committee to consider

long-term needs. * Improvements in pensions,

including uncoupling the formula from

Social Security benefits and

providing cost-of-living adjustments for

retirees. * An increase in the university's

financing of health insurance, to an

average of about 85 percent of

premium costs.

Representing the university in the talks was former Secretary of Labor and Harvard professor emeritus John T. Dunlop, who fostered a joint committee to determine the items to be covered by the agreement.

On the union side, AFL-CIO president Lane Kirkland and other federation officials joined with State, County and Municipal Employees in the organizing campaign leading to the representation election.
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Title Annotation:Developments in Industrial Relations
Author:Ruben, George
Publication:Monthly Labor Review
Date:Oct 1, 1989
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